The Best Filterless Air Purifiers

Getting rid of the harmful contaminants that lurk in the air we breathe indoors has to be a priority for all of us. For this to be possible, an air purifier must be used, these appliances doing a wonderful job at ensuring that the air we inhale indoors is clean and safe for our health. But these items can be a lot of hassle, needing their filters to be replaced on a regular basis in order to continue to perform well. Fortunately for you, in case you’re a person who doesn’t like the hassle and bother of keeping a close eye on such appliances, we have conducted the proper research to find out what are the best filterless purifiers of the moment. With any of these top of the line products, you will finally make your home a 100% space to be in, and you won’t have to do any maintenance work to keep the appliance up and running either.

Top 7 Filterless Air Purifiers Comparison

Image Product Name Price
Airfree Lotus Image
Best Model

1. Airfree Lotus

  • Removes up to 99.99% of impurities that lurk in the indoor air
  • Designed to be used in spaces of up to 650 square feet
  • Constant air purification rate due to lack of a fan
  • Power consumption of only 52W
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty
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 RxAir Plus with TiO2 UVC1001B Image

2. RxAir Plus with TiO2 UVC1001B

  • Eliminates over 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Perfect for spaces of up to 800 square feet
  • Adjustable fan ensures a quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • 5-year warranty
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AirFree Onix 3000 Image
Editor’s Choice

3. AirFree Onix 3000

  • Removes 100% of airborne particles
  • Recommended for rooms of up to 650 square feet
  • Totally silent operation – 0 dB
  • Low power consumption – only 52W
  • 2-year warranty
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AirFree P1000 Image

4. AirFree P1000

  • Effective air sterilization technology ensures that up to 99% of particles are removed
  • Recommended for use in areas of approximately 450 square feet
  • Doesn’t make any noise when operating
  • High energy efficiency due to lack of filters
  • Manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for the product
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LightAir Evolution IonFlow 50 Image

5. LightAir Evolution IonFlow 50

  • Removes up to 99.94% of airborne particles
  • Designed for rooms of up to 540 square feet
  • Silent operation – only 5 dB
  • Highly energy efficient
  • 10-year warranty
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Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Image

6. Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

  • Captures and eliminates up to 99.9% of airborne germs
  • Designed for use in medium-sized rooms
  • Extremely silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • 1-year limited warranty
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Airfree T800 Image

7. Airfree T800

  • Highly effective operation ensures that it will destroy all microorganisms and airborne particles
  • Recommended for spaces of up to 180 square feet
  • Completely silent operation
  • Low energy consumption – 33W
  • 2-year warranty
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Best Filterless Air Purifiers Reviews

Airfree Lotus

The Airfree Lotus filterless air purifier easily stands out through its modern design. Not only this, but it’s highly effective as well, although it lacks a filter being capable of removing up to 99.99% of the impurities that it finds in the air indoors. Surprisingly enough, this compact no filter air purifier is actually one of the most efficient units of its kind, and it’s actually designed for use in spaces of up to 650 square feet, making it a real force to be reckoned with. Additionally, it boasts an incredibly low power consumption, drawing only 52W when it operates.

  • No maintenance is required
  • Completely silent operation makes it ideal for use in the bedroom
  • Thermodynamic TSS technology makes it effective at killing microorganisms

RxAir Plus with TiO2 UVC1001B

This top of the line unit might have a more exuberant price tag than its competitors, but it delivers the best performance on the market. It’s a hassle-free appliance that ensures the air in the room you place it in will finally be safe to breathe. Among the most important airborne particles that it eliminates from the air are dangerous bacteria and viruses, including measles, the common cold, pneumonia, H1N1, and SARS. In addition, it does a great job at reducing concentrations of VOCs.

  • Reduces air pollution that is linked to various sleep disorders
  • Features ViraTech UV light for removing dangerous air pollutants
  • Cleans the air up to 6 times per hour to ensure complete safety

AirFree Onix 3000

With this unit in your home, you can finally say goodbye to ever having allergic reactions caused by dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens because the appliance will effectively remove them from the air. It’s completely silent and there’s no maintenance work required for it. In addition, it does a wonderful job at eliminating the unpleasant tobacco smell, being a definite must-have for those who have smokers in their homes.

  • Compact size and stylish design
  • Reduces ozone by up to 26%
  • Low energy consumption

AirFree P1000

Another entry from AirFree is the P1000 model, a filterless air purifier that is recommended for use in areas of approximately 450 square feet. Using the TSS air sterilizing technology, it’s highly effective at capturing and removing airborne particles despite its lack of a physical filter. To make using it even more appealing, it features an adjustable nightlight that enhances the ambiance in the room. Best of all, it’s completely silent when it operates, making for a great addition to the bedroom or even the nursery.

  • Uses Thermodynamic TSS air sterilizing technology for optimum efficiency in airborne particle removal
  • Compact design makes it a great addition on the nightstand
  • Adjustable night light provides a perfect ambiance in the bedroom

LightAir Evolution IonFlow 50

This tabletop unit is capable of leaving the indoor air completely free of contaminants, ensuring that you will maintain a great health. It can even remove airborne particles that are as small as 1 micron. What makes this model so efficient and effective is the fact that it can generate large amounts of electrons that form a corresponding quantity of negative ions, ensuring that no harmful particles found in the air will escape it.

  • Award winning design that allows it to fit in with any decor
  • Uses a unique and innovative 4-step technology to deliver a remarkable performance
  • Ozone free and energy efficient

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

Besides being obviously hassle-free when it comes to maintenance work, this model is able to effectively remove allergens and irritants from the air, making it safe for you to breathe. It silently kills strep bacteria, mold, cold viruses, and flu viruses. In addition, it further improves the quality of the air that you breathe by removing tobacco smoke from it.

  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Hassle-free clean-up due to front loading collection blade
  • High energy efficiency

Airfree T800

What makes this unit stand out from most of its competitors isn’t only the stylish and compact design that it boasts and that makes it ideal for small rooms or for travel, but the high efficiency that it boasts as well. Being designed for use in spaces that measure up to 180 square feet, this model is able to single-handedly eliminate dangerous microorganisms and airborne particles, ensuring that you will be kept safe. Best of all, it features an innovative technology that makes it operate in complete silence, so you can even place it in rooms such as the office or the bedroom.

  • Stylish and space saving design
  • Zero ozone and ion emissions
  • Compact size makes it portable

How do No Filter Air Purification Systems Work?

The main question that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about these units is how they manage to filter the air if there isn’t any filter involved. The secret is in the physics behind the device, which involves electrostatic charging. What actually happens is that the filterless air purifier electrically charges the particles of dust and other impurities in order to attract them towards the metal collector plates. Unlike the other types of purifiers, the filterless one attracts the impurities and retains them without using suction. This way, the particles stick to the metal plates as if they were magnets, thus removing them from the air.

Also known as ionic, electrostatic or ozone air purifiers, these devices have their advantages but their drawbacks as well. These units are effective, although not as effective as the filter types. Also, despite the fact they don’t require filter replacements, cleaning the dust particles off the metal collectors could be more hassle than replacing a media cartridge. Another concern related to this type of air filter is the ozone that is often released during the process. Ozone is a harmful gas that should not be inhaled but, unfortunately, some ionic purifiers emit it while operating.

Reasons to Make the Investment

With so many different types of air purifying systems on the market these days, you might be wondering whether it’s worth investing in a filterless air purifier or not. Our recommendation to you would be to make the investment, but don’t take our word for it without informing yourself about the capabilities of these appliances first. In the following lines, we will tell you why you should invest in an air purifier that doesn’t actually feature a filter. Therefore, continue to read if you are interested in this topic.

  • Less Maintenance Work

  • One of the biggest reasons why some people stray from the classically designed air purifiers and turn to filterless units is because there’s less maintenance work involved with them. This is all due to the fact that the air purifying appliances don’t feature a filter, so you don’t have to check if the filter needs to be replaced or anything else. The only actual maintenance work required with filterless models is to remove the dust that gathers on their surface, but this isn’t a tiring or time-consuming chore.

  • No Additional Purchases

  • As time passes, you have to make additional purchases if you go for an air purifier that comes with a filter. The additional purchase that we’re talking about is replacing the filter, of course. Well, with a filterless system, this investment won’t exist, thus you won’t have to spend more money as time passes. For those who want to stick with a certain budget and who don’t want to waste their money, these types of filtration systems are a real heaven sent.

  • More Effective at Killing Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria

  • Another highlight that filterless air purification systems boast is that they have a higher efficiency when it comes to the removal of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Therefore, the quality of the air indoors is a lot higher, and you aren’t exposed to health issues such as colds or the flu. While classic units that feature filters are capable of removing these health threats as well, they are less effective when compared to their filterless counterparts due to the fact that they don’t release negative ions.

  • High Efficiency in Removing Airborne Pollutants

  • The ultimate reason to invest in a no filter air purifier is the fact that it boasts a high efficiency in the removal of all types of airborne pollutants. Of course, other types of air purifiers boast this capability as well, but the ionic technology that these units feature makes them more ideal solutions to go with as they can even handle eliminating the really small particles from the air. They can do this due to the release of the ions that attach to the microscopic particles, making them larger so that they are removed more easily.

Types of Filterless Air Purification Systems

The state of the environment that you spend most of your time in and your health are both linked to the quality of the air that you breathe. This is the reason why so many people are buying and using air purifiers, ensuring pollutant-free air indoors with the help of these appliances. If the perks provided by filterless air purifiers have impressed you and you want to use this type of air filtration system, you need to be aware of the fact that there are three different types of systems to choose between, more precisely electrostatic precipitators, ultraviolet purifiers, and ozone-based systems.

  • Electrostatic Precipitators

  • These are highly efficient and effective appliances that are capable of removing dust particles by using a high-voltage electrostatic charge. They are accumulated on charged plates that contain thin wires, being completely eliminated from the air once they enter into contact with the surface.

  • Ultraviolet Purifiers

  • Ultraviolet models use ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms that linger in the air indoors, microorganisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and so on. What makes ultraviolet air purifiers a massive success is the fact that they are superior to other types of air filtration systems when it comes to energy efficiency.

  • Ozone-Based Systems

  • Last but not least, we have the ozone-based purification systems that use ozone or a combination of oxidizers to remove the impurities from the air. Best of all, they even do a good job at killing microorganisms, such as bacteria, germs, model, and mildew. Additionally, they are easy to operate, safe, and they don’t consume much energy when operating either.

What to Look for to Invest in a Quality Model

As a person who is well aware of the importance of leading a healthy life, you know that it’s extremely important to invest in a top of the line unit of this kind. If your heart is set on a filterless model, then make sure that you first inform yourself about what you have to look for when making such a purchase. This way, you will be well prepared when you go out shopping and you definitely won’t make a choice that will fail you.

Coverage Area

The first spec that you have to look into when purchasing such a product is the square footage that is listed for the unit. You need for this square footage to be slightly greater than the square footage of the room or area where you intend to use the device for it to be able to purify the air as effectively as possible. For example, if you want to place the filterless air purifier in a room that measures 80 square feet, make sure that the purifier is said to be able to remove impurities from the air in rooms that measure at least 85 square feet.

High Percentage of Eliminated Airborne Particles

To establish whether a certain model is effective at removing the pesky airborne particles or not, you have to look at the percentage of particles that it can eliminate from the air. The best quality units are those who are capable of removing at least 99 percent of airborne particles, so these are the ones that you have to keep an eye on.

Energy Consumption

The amount of energy that the unit consumes is another aspect that you have to take into consideration to avoid spending a ton of money on the energy bills. The easiest method to establish if the model you’re interested in is actually energy efficient is to look for the Energy Star certification as it is only given to the most efficient models out there.

Noise Output

No matter if you want to place the unit in rooms such as the nursery or the bedroom, rooms in which silence is required during the night, or you want to place it anywhere else around the house, you must make sure that the model you invest in maintains a quiet operation. This way, you avoid getting bothered or distracted by it while you sleep, work, or simply sit and relax.

Extra Features

Just like most appliances, these units can come with extra features that make them more convenient to use. These extra features differ from one model to another, and it’s smart for you to invest in a unit that has some useful additional features. Some of the best extra features to be on the look for are backlights, LCD screens that make changing the settings easier, and even handles or casters that make it easy to move the unit from one room to another.


Of course, we can’t overlook the warranty aspect. As with all types of purchases, it’s essential to make sure that the manufacturer covers the filterless air purifier for a decent or generous amount of time. This way, in case anything happens to it after you purchase it, you will be able to have it fixed or replaced free of charge rather than spending a ton of money on the operation.