Alen Paralda Dual Airflow Review

Alen Paralda Dual Airflow Ratings

DESIGN - 90%



This model has a stylish design that doesn't occupy too much room, but due to its small dimensions, it can be used only in small spaces. Still, it comes with a unique lifetime warranty, so it was built with durability in mind.

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This is a dual airflow air purifier that comes with many effective features, including safety features. Still, although it satisfies all HEPA requirements and it does not produce any ozone, this appliance does not have the convenience features that we can find in other air purifying systems. Furthermore, unlike models like the Vornado AC 500, the Alen Paralda Dual Airflow lacks a sleep mode and an air-quality detector, so it cannot automatically adjust its airflow based on how many contaminants that exist in the air. Still, it impresses with a good performance, and the most important thing is that it can help you get rid of allergies by creating an indoor environment where you can breath clean, fresh air.


The ozone-safe Silver-Ion Technology that this device integrates charges all the particles and impurities in the air, making them more simple to be captured by causing them to group together. Therefore, the HEPA filter that is electrostatically charged has the capacity to attract a large number of pollutants. While the air moves through the air filter, it leaves behind pollutants like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores and other types of allergens. Furthermore, the Alen Paralda Dual Airflow comes with HEPA-Silver fibers that are antimicrobial treated, which prevents the appearance of bacteria, mold, and germs in the filter. Keep in mind that you have to replace the filter as required because only that way you can keep your air purifier’s performance optimum, and extend its lifespan.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs Paralda Dual Airflow
Dimensions 28” x 11” x 7”
Weight 15 Lbs
Area Coverage 500 Square Feet
Noise Level 39 – 60 dB
Power 120V, 60Hz
CADR Rating for Smoke 97
CADR Rating for Pollen 114
CADR Rating for Dust 107
Fan Speeds 4
Filter Type HEPA Style, Ionizer
Odor Reducing Filter No
Control Panel LCD Display
Timer Function Yes
Warranty Lifetime


This air purifier integrates an LCD display with very easy to use touch-sensitive controls, and a friendly user interface. However, the most impressive thing about this device is that, unlike other systems, it features a Dual Airflow Technology, which allows it to pull air in through its back, and release clean air through two areas instead of just one. Therefore, it can deliver a higher efficiency than other models which also feature a tower design. Still, this system can provide a top performance only in small rooms, and if you select its highest setting to clean the air from larger areas, you might be disturbed by the noise made by the fan. So, we recommend it only to those who want to use it in small spaces that do not measure more than 250 square feet. However, the biggest evidence that this system is a reliable one is the fact that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. It means that no matter if your air purifier presents a malfunction now, or in 20 years, the manufacturers will fix it as long as you change the filters as required.

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The Paralda Dual Airflow features an award-winning design which can enhance any type of home decor. It looks very slick and stylish, and it can bring more life into a dull space, all while eliminating dangerous pollutants from the air. Since the air purifier measures only 11 x 7 x 28 inches, it occupies little space, and unlike other tower models, it does not look too sterile and arid. Furthermore, this product is Energy Star certified, so it was designed to help you lower your energy bills.

Ease of use

Maintaining your purifier is very simple, as all you have to do is replace its filter after 6 months of cleaning the highly polluted air, or when it is used for delivering a continuous operation. However, if your indoor air is not that contaminated, or if you are operating your purifier only when needed, you can replace the filter after 12 months of use. In order to change the HEPA filter, you have to lift the air purifier’s top lid, release the safety that is keeping the filter in place, and pull out the filter. Finally, place the new filter in and lock it in place. Keep in mind that you must reset the filter light after each replacement because only that way you will be able to know when to change the filter next time.

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Uses the ozone-safe Silver-Ion technology to make it easier to capture small airborne particles
HEPA filter ensures an effective removal of airborne pollutants
HEPA-Silver fibers prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria
Intuitive to use LCD control
Modern tower design
Covered by a lifetime warranty
Energy Star certified


Recommended for areas of only up to 250 square feet
Filter needs to be replaced every 6 months  

Final Thoughts

While it is true that there are other better-performing models out there, it does not mean that the Alen Paralda Dual Airflow is not an air purifier worth your attention. Being designed with attention to detail, it boasts a magnificent, stylish appearance that makes it the ultimate addition to any modern home. Also, it is made with durable materials, so you can rest assured knowing that the air purifier will be by your side for a long amount of time, performing at an excellent level. Due to the fact that it features HEPA filtration, a UV light, and ionization capabilities, the airborne particles that lurk in the air you breathe won’t escape it by any chance. This makes it ideal for those who have small children and want to protect their health, and for those who suffer from health problems such as allergies or asthma as well.

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