Blueair 500 Series: Model 503 Review

Despite being slightly more expensive than similar models, this air purifier delivers a great performance, it is very silent and comes with numerous features.

Blueair 500 Series: Model 503 Ratings

DESIGN - 95%



Despite being slightly more expensive than similar models, this air purifier delivers a great performance, it is very silent and comes with numerous features.

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Blueair is an established air purifier builder with decent product support and quality construction. Its conservative design, high sound-to-cleaning ratios, and engineering focus have built a good reputation. The 500 series has premium true-HEPA systems that provide excellent filtration for dust, mold spores, pollen, smoke and other pollutants. While they are great for particle removal, they do not cover germs, bacteria, and viruses. The company has to make this tradeoff to stay competitive on the market. This model is a great choice for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems.


The Blueair 500 series are suitable for large rooms where its bulky size and loudness are less noticeable. This powerful air filter provides excellent results and is a good choice if you want to reduce indoor allergens. Its SmokeStop Filter will also help to trap odors and gasses. With either filter, the Blueair 500 Series: Model 503 uses an ionizer to capture particles and charge the air. The air purifier meets the requirements for low- to no ozone emissions. Because of the HepaSilent technology, users will benefit from convenience in terms of noise levels. Moreover, if the system is on the lowest setting you won’t even hear it in a large room. In the long run, it will save you money by eliminating expenses caused by illness and by saving energy.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs 503
Dimensions 26” x 20” x 13”
Weight 35 Lbs
Area Coverage 580 Square Feet
Noise Level 32 – 66 dB
Power 35 – 120W
CADR Rating for Smoke 375 CFM
CADR Rating for Pollen 375 CFM
CADR Rating for Dust 375 CFM
Fan Speeds 4
Filter Type True HEPA
Odor Reducing Filter SmokeStop
Control Panel N/A
Timer Function Yes
Warranty 1 Year

Design and Ease of Use

The Blueair 503 is visually pleasing thanks to its Swedish design. Designed for maximum performance in large spaces up to 580 ft2, the 503 is available in white and dark gray, so it blends in any environment. It is built mainly from steel parts, including the sealed filter cartridges and metal panels, so the build quality makes it even more attractive. A magnetic LCD remote shows how many days are left before you need a new filter. Because it is big, it takes a bit too much space and moving it around can be difficult, especially if there are stairs involved. Although the air purifier is easy to use with its 4 Speed Control Options, it lacks electronic sensors or automatic settings. However, the weakness of its ingenious design is actually the frequent and costly filter replacements. To clean it, users should vacuum it on the inside and out after each filter change, as dust builds up in the intake grill’s round holes.

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Other Features

The 500 series combines the best features of the mechanical filter and electrostatic technology to deliver more clean air faster and with less noise. Its low power usage minimizes consumption and saves you money. Although it lacks some features we would like to see on such product, it includes a filter monitor and a one-year warranty. Its SurroundAir system achieves peak performance by drawing air from the bottom and sides and releasing filtered air from the top and sides. The clean air is then recirculated into the room. Other features include CADR rating of 375, steel construction, 5 air changes per hour, recyclable filter media and 3 stage progressive filters. On the other hand, if you purchase a whole house humidifier, it too comes with incorporated air filters; thus, it not only maintains humidity levels in your home at regular levels, but it also makes sure the air in your house is clean and safe for your health. Although a more expensive investment, it is a long-lasting solution, as are whole house purifiers, which are installed inside the air vents and have very powerful filters.


Recommended for use in large spaces
Ionizer meets requirements as it boasts low ozone emissions
Offers 4 speed options to choose between
Announces you when filter replacement is needed
Easy to clean


Design is rather bulky
Can be noisy when it operates
Warranty length of only 1 year 

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Final Thoughts

Delivering as much as 5 air changes per hour and boasting the capability of removing particles as small as 0.1 microns from spaces that measure up to 580 square feet, the Blueair 500 Series: Model 503 is one of the best-rated air purifiers on the market. The modern design that it boasts contributes to the desirability of the air purifier, making it ideal for any room, no matter its decor. Some of the best features that it comes with include the filter timer that announces you when it is time to replace the filter and the fact that it is incredibly quiet when operating, thus being ideal even for rooms such as the bedroom or the nursery. All in all, this air purifier is a smart investment as it delivers excellent results when it comes to clearing the air of impurities, an aspect that is made clear when looking at the impressive 375 CADR rating that it boasts.

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