Fellowes AP-300PH

This is an excellent air purifier due to the fact that it has an innovative 4-stage purification system that cleans the indoor air extremely well. Also, it boasts a very energy efficient operation, so you won't spend a lot of money on the bills even if you run it constantly.

Fellowes AP-300PH Ratings

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This is an excellent air purifier due to the fact that it has an innovative 4-stage purification system that cleans the indoor air extremely well. Also, it boasts a very energy efficient operation, so you won't spend a lot of money on the bills even if you run it constantly.

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If the air in your home is very hard to breathe and it makes you and your family feel uncomfortable, then maybe you need to go for an air cleaner. The Fellowes AP-300PH could be an excellent choice that will help you obtain the desired result. This device is produced by Fellowes, which is a reliable manufacturer that produces very efficient units that can remove most of the harmful contaminants found in the indoor air. This device has a reasonable price and it is highly recommended by many users. For more details, you should read this review.

Technical specifications

This air purifier effectively purifies the indoor air in large sized rooms of up to 300 square feet. Therefore, if you have a big home or office, then this is the right device for you. The unit has a 4-stage purification system so that you can obtain the best results. The clean air delivery rate performance is 191 for smoke, 200 for dust, and 201 for pollen. If you are wondering what type of filtration this unit has, then you must know that it comes equipped with a true HEPA carbon filter and a sanitized antimicrobial treatment. Using this device is not bothersome because it has an ultra quiet operation, this being a great advantage compared to other units that are quite loud. When it comes to how much noise it produces, we can’t tell you the precise amount of decibels, but what we can assure you of is that it’s incredibly quiet, this statement being backed up by many customers who have already bought it. Also, it has a very low energy consumption, the power rating of this unit being 6 watts on the lowest speed setting and 70 watts on the Turbo speed setting.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs AP-300H
Dimensions 21.9” x 16.5” x 9.8”
Weight 16.2 Lbs
Area Coverage 300 Square Feet
Noise Level Low
Power 6-70W
CADR Rating for Smoke 191
CADR Rating for Pollen 201
CADR Rating for Dust 200
Fan Speeds 4
Filter Type Carbon with Sanitized Antimicrobial Treatment, True HEPA
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel Display Panel
Timer Function No
Warranty 5 Years


A great performance is what you want from an air purifier, and the Fellowes AP-300PH definitely provides wonderful results. The 4-stage purification system lets you get the most out of this modern air cleaner. During the first stage, the carbon filter will safely remove large airborne particles and unpleasant odors from the indoor air. During the second stage, the sanitized technology will actually keep the carbon filter very clean at all times. Therefore, the development of fungi, harmful bacteria, and dust mites on the carbon filter itself will effectively be reduced. This is extremely important because, without this innovative technology, microbes can easily and quickly settle on the filter and then be re-circulated into the indoor air. During the third stage, the true HEPA filter will remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, ragweed, and other allergens, viruses, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, germs, and even the unpleasant cigarette smoke. During the last stage, the fourth one, the PlasmaTRUE technology will actually create an ionized field that will help safely remove the airborne pollutants found in the indoor air. The energized particles that are being released by this innovative technology purify the filtered air without actually producing ozone or other harmful pollutants. All of these 4 stages of filtration will help you breathe a very clean and fresh air in your home. The HEPA filter is a cost effective one, and it will last an average of 12 months. In terms of certifications, we can say that this air purifier has been certified by AHAM with 3 CADR ratings for smoke, pollen, and dust. In addition to being AHAM certified, this device is also Energy Star certified, UL certified, and CARB certified.

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The modern Fellowes AP-300PH features a purity sensor that monitors the indoor air quality and then automatically adjusts the fan speed in order to keep your air cleaner, fresher, and easier to breathe. This feature helps as it not only makes the unit more convenient to use but because it helps make it more energy efficient as well. There are 4 different speed settings that you can choose between, the Turbo speed that is the highest fan speed and that can be activated manually for a maximum air purification, the Low speed that allows you to use the air purifier while you sleep because it will operate extremely quiet, the medium speed setting, and the High speed setting. Yellow and red lights will appear on the display panel when the filter needs to be changed, adding to the convenience of using it. Unfortunately, the air purifier lacks a timer that would have allowed you to choose for how long it operates in order to save energy, and it doesn’t feature a standby mode either.


This air purifier is 21.88 inches high, 16.50 inches wide, and 9.81 inches deep, and it weighs 16.20 pounds. This device is made of a high-quality plastic that is very easy to clean and very durable as well. This air purifier comes in a single option color-wise, more precisely a combination of silver and white. The air cleaner has a user-friendly display panel that is extremely easy to use. On the panel, you can find the power button, the true HEPA filter change indicator, the carbon filter change indicator, the PlasmaTRUE technology indicator, the auto mode, the fan speed indicator, and the manual fan speed adjustment. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come with handles, which makes carrying it a bit difficult. It doesn’t come with rolling casters either, a feature that would have made transporting it easier. However, moving this air cleaner from a place to another shouldn’t be too difficult because it is not very heavy.

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Warranty and support

When it comes to warranty, the Fellowes AP-300PH is actually covered by the manufacturer for defects in material and workmanship during the first 5 years after it has been purchased. In the useful user manual that comes with this model, you will find various information that will explain how to correctly operate it. Also, know that in case you are facing any sort of difficulties operating it, you can contact the customer service department on the telephone number or the e-mail on the manufacturer’s website to get the needed help.


Recommended for spaces of up to 300 square feet
Effective 4-stage filtration
High CADR ratings
Quiet operation
Low energy consumption – only 6 watts
Can remove up to 99.97% of particles
Filter change indicator
Manufacturer covers it for 5 years


Lacks a timer feature  

Final Thoughts

Although the AP-300PH doesn’t come with a timer, it is still one of the air purifiers that have managed to leave a good impression when reviewing it as it delivers what can be seen as an unmatchable overall performance. Being able to remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles of all sizes, even the smallest ones, it is the perfect choice for households where allergy or asthma sufferers reside. What makes it such an excellent performing purifier is the fact that it features HEPA filtration, which is, by far, the best possible type of filtration a product of this kind can come with. Additionally, it consumes little energy when operating, so it won’t be expensive to run, and it is very quiet as well, being the perfect addition to the bedroom or the office.

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