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GermGuardian AC4100 Ratings

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Although not the most advanced nor the most stylish, this air purifier does a great job removing air pollutants and odor particles that affect the quality of your indoor air.

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Given the importance of air quality indoors, the air purifier is no longer an optional device that people question whether or not they should purchase. As in any field, some brands manage to provide highly qualitative products and GermGuardian is one of those reputable brands. One of their products is the GermGuardian AC4100, a medium size air purifier that can remove 99% of the common air pollutants. Since it’s in the affordable price range, at a cost under $100, it’s also a great value purchase. It’s not a top product but it surely provides enough performance for the money. Let’s see how this device can help you breathe a cleaner air every day.

Technical specifications

The filtration process of this air purifier relies on three main types of technologies, namely Hepa, UV-C, and PCO or photocatalytic. The three filtration types contribute to removing air particles as small as 0.7 microns. The room size range of this air purifier is not clearly specified but you should know that it’s suitable for any room, particularly small to medium ones where it can easily absorb and filter the air effectively. As such, it’s advisable to place the GermGuardian AC4100 in rooms of up to 60 square feet if you want it to yield as expected. The CADR rating or the Clean Air Delivery Rate that shows the air purifier’s ability to remove certain categories of pollutants from the air is also not officially specified. However, there is information that the CADR for smoke is 58 and for pollen is 64, meaning that this air purifier is not the most heavy-duty unit but it will still perform well for its size. There are three levels of air filtration that it uses, and the noise level tends to get higher than in other similar models although some customers say that the first two settings are quite silent. The energy efficiency aspect is also important in an air purifier and although this one is not Energy Star rated, it’s not a huge burden for your electricity bill either.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs AC4100
Dimensions 11” x 7.5” x 6.5”
Weight 4.85 Lbs
Area Coverage 60-200 Square Feet
Noise Level 60 dB
Power 110-120V, 60Hz
CADR Rating for Smoke 58
CADR Rating for Pollen 64
CADR Rating for Dust N/A
Fan Speeds 3
Filter Type HEPA Filter, Charcoal and PCO Filter, UV-C Light Technology
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel Knob
Timer Function Yes
Warranty 1 Year


As mentioned before, it relies on three filtration types that ensure the removal of up to 99% of the air impurities, including bad odors and small particles. The first one is Hepa and the fact that it’s not capitalized is because it’s not actually a certified HEPA filter found in other air purifiers. However, it is stated that it can remove even the smallest particles such as dust mites, mold spores, or pollen. The second filtering stage involves a UV-C light that sanitizes the air and manages to kill 99.7% of the bacteria and germs, according to the manufacturer. Moreover, the titanium oxide in this filter is activated by the UV-C light in order to eliminate bad odors caused by pets or smoke. The third type of filter is a charcoal/photocatalytic filter that also removes odors so that the air will remain clean and fresh. There is only one filter that needs to be replaced, namely the Hepa, that should be changed every 6 to 8 months for optimal performance.

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This section is not the most appealing as the GermGuardian AC4100 has few features to bring to the table. Aside from the 3-speed control and the filter replacement indicator, there aren’t other features that would make this air purifier more convenient or efficient. It doesn’t boast a programmable timer or an automatic shut-off for reducing energy waste. This is because the device doesn’t use air sensors for monitoring air quality and sensing changes in the level of air impurities. You can also choose to turn the UV-C light on or off due to the switch so the 2-watt light bulb will not stay on all the time.


The appearance of this air purifier can be depicted in one word and that is “simple”. It boasts a plastic housing with a large grid on the front and a round knob that allows you to set the filtering level. It’s available in black and doesn’t impress much with its aspect. One design advantage is the small footprint that makes it perfect for small places and great for sitting on a table or nightstand. The AC4100 measures 7.5 x 6.5 x 11 inches and weighs only 4.85 pounds. It doesn’t have casters or carry handles because you can easily grab and move it anywhere you want. The power cord is 6′ long for maximum freedom in placing the air purifier.

Warranty and support

The warranty provided by the manufacturer for the GermGuardian AC4100 is a 1-year period that covers defects in workmanship and operating. In case the unit you receive has any defects, you will enjoy a replacement free of charge. You can contact the Customer Service department and ask any question or request any detail regarding your air purifier. One disadvantage regarding the operating costs of this air purifier is related to the price of the filter cartridge and the replacement period. However, if you are not dealing with severe air pollution, you will not have to replace the cartridge too often so your costs will not be very high.

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Very low price
Uses an effective 3-stage filtration
UV-C light removes germs and bacteria
HEPA filter contributes to a high and effective removal of airborne particles
Can handle impurities as small as 0.7 microns
High CADR ratings
Removes up to 99% of impurities
Filter replacement indicator announces when maintenance work is required
Compact and modern design


Short warranty – 1 year
Rather high noise level
It’s not Energy Star certified  

Final Thoughts

Although the AC4100 isn’t the best air purification system released by GermGuardian, it’s still a top notch choice to go with, ensuring an effective removal of airborne particles that might endanger your health from the air. Despite the fact that it performs almost as well as the top products on this market do, this GermGuardian model actually comes at a surprisingly low price. Thus, it’s the perfect option for those who are on a limited budget and who can’t afford more expensive units. Just like any other top of the line air filtration system, it can handle removing even the smallest of particle. Additionally, the UV-C technology that it features ensures the removal of dangerous germs and bacteria so that you will always be safe and protected from harm in your home. Best of all, it features a HEPA filter that guarantees a high rate of nocive particles elimination from the air.

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