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This model is the ideal solution to go with for those who are looking for a portable air purifying device. This plug-in model boasts impressive air purification capabilities, ensuring that the air you breathe will be clean and free of impurities or bacteria.

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We would all love to be sure that we are breathing fresh, clean air when we’re at home or at the office, this way ensuring that our health is in check. Unfortunately, there are many contaminants and harmful airborne impurities that lurk in the air we breathe, impurities that put our health in danger. But this can all change with the addition of the GermGuardian GG1000 in your home or office, this compact yet effective air purifier boasting incredible purification capabilities. Even better, it comes at a very low price when compared to standard models, this plug-in model being a dream come true for those who don’t have a huge budget but who still want to ensure that they’re in a clean, healthy environment. Also, due to the fact that it’s produced by GermGuardian, a renowned and respected manufacturer of such products, you can rest assured knowing that you will spend your money on a quality, durable product. If this product has peaked your interest and you want to learn more about it, make sure that you read the rest of our review.


The unit features a UV-C light that enables it to effectively clean the air of airborne particles and bacteria. It has a CFM rating of 465 cubic feet per minute, and it produces approximately 45 dB while operating, so it won’t be a distraction if you place it in rooms like the bedroom or the office. The compact size that it boasts enables it to effectively clean the air in small sized rooms. Best of all, this model actually consumes less energy when operating than a standard light bulb does, so you can run it continuously without worrying that you might end up paying a ton of money when the bills come.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs GG1000
Dimensions 3” x 3.2” x 7.5”
Weight 1 Lbs
Area Coverage 150 Square Feet
Noise Level 45 dB
UV-C Bulb Lifespan 4000-5000 Hours
Fan Speeds 1
Filter Type Filter-Less Design
Odor Reducing Technology Titanium Dioxide
Control Panel No
Timer Function No
Warranty 1 Year


Although this excellent model only features a single type of filtration as it uses a UV-C light, its performance is hard to top. This is due to the fact that the UV-C light is actually incredibly effective at eliminating airborne particles, bacteria, and germs, boasting the capability of purifying the air of up to 99.9% of impurities. If you did not know this, there are many hospitals worldwide that use UV-C lights to sanitize rooms and tools, so it’s easy to understand how effective this technology actually is. In addition to eliminating the impurities and particles that it finds, it can actually inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria, and other microbiological organisms. Best of all, it is capable of removing unpleasant odors as well, doing great when it comes to eliminating pet, cooking, mildew, and smoke odors.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say when it comes to this model’s features as it doesn’t actually have any. It features a single fan speed, so you won’t be able to choose lower or higher purifying speeds. Also, it doesn’t feature a timer, an automatic shut-off or a restart mode, nor does it come with air quality sensors. But this shouldn’t affect your opinion about it as this is common for plug-in models due to the fact that they are intended for purifying the air in smaller spaces, having compact designs that don’t really allow the addition of intricate features. For a product of its type, this model is actually of a high quality, and this is all that matters.

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What makes it such a raging success is the fact that this plug-in unit is compact and ideal to take with you wherever you go in order to ensure that the air you breathe is clean. It measures 3″ x 3.2″ x 7.5″ and it weighs only 1 pound, being easy to understand why it’s the ideal option for those who want a portable air purifier. It’s made with durable materials, and the white housing makes it a discrete addition to any room that it’s placed in. Obviously, due to the fact that it has such a small body and because it’s a plug-in model, it doesn’t come with intricate buttons that would have allowed you to change settings or a display that would have shown valuable information about the quality of the air in the room. Nonetheless, the lack of these features doesn’t really affect its performance, so you shouldn’t mind the fact that they’re missing. What you should do is to appreciate the easy operation that it boasts, all that it requires being to be plugged in for it to start operating.

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This product is backed up by the manufacturer during the first year after it has been purchased. During this period of time, it will be fixed or replaced entirely in case it becomes defective. Of course, this happens only if you respect the warranty agreement and you don’t damage it in a way that would void the warranty. The unit comes with a user manual that should offer you all the information that you need to operate it. Nonetheless, in case you do happen to have questions regarding it, questions that you can’t find an answer to in the user manual, you can enter the manufacturer’s website and leave a message there, or call on the telephone number provided on this website to get the help that you’re looking for.

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