Green Air Encore KH-H201 Review

There are few downsides to this product, all that it lacks being a couple of features that don't really change the fact that this is one of the best air purifiers on the market. Due to the effective 3-stage filtration that it offers and the IonCluster technology that it comes with, it's safe to say that few models out there come close it performance-wise.

Green Air Encore KH-H201 Ratings

DESIGN - 94%



There are few downsides to this product, all that it lacks being a couple of features that don't really change the fact that this is one of the best air purifiers on the market. Due to the effective 3-stage filtration that it offers and the IonCluster technology that it comes with, it's safe to say that few models out there come close it performance-wise.

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These days, the necessity of having an air purifier in your home or at the office is bigger than ever as the indoor environment is sometimes even more polluted than the outdoor environment. If you’re one of the many people looking to buy an air purifier to guarantee that your health will be kept in check by breathing clean air that is free of contaminants, you know how hard it is to find the right model for your needs. In this review, we will take a closer look at what we consider to be one of the best units on the market at the moment, more precisely the Green Air Encore KH-H201. As expected from a top performing air purifier, it does come at a higher priced when compared to other models on the market, but it’s totally worth the investment. The company that produces this model, JB Innovative Products Inc., is renowned on the market for such household appliances due to the fact that it is committed to delivering only safe and great performing units. Obviously, you need to know more than just the quality of the brand that delivers the product, this being the reason why we took our time to review everything that this air cleaner has to offer. Therefore, to find out more, continue to read the rest of this article.

Technical Specifications

The Green Air Encore KH-H201 is a three-stage air purifier that not only purifies the air, but it eliminates airborne bacteria as well due to the innovative IonCluster technology that it comes with. To have a better understanding of the quality of this product, know that it has a CADR rating of 250, a rating that is extremely high and that shows it is a top performing unit. Also, when placed in a room that measures 350 square feet, it produces up to 5 air changes per hour. Another notable aspect is that this purifier can be used in spaces of up to 1000 square feet, so you can even depend on it to purify the air in large rooms. It features one of the quietest fan motors out there, producing only 23 dB while it operates, being even quieter than the alarm on your clock. In addition, although it’s not Energy Star certified, this model doesn’t consume a lot of energy when it operates, so you don’t have to fear that it will cost you too much to let it do its job.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs Encore KH-H201
Dimensions 25” x 14” x 7.5”
Weight 16 Lbs
Area Coverage 350 Square Feet
Noise Level 23 dB
Power Low Energy Consumption, 120V, 60Hz
Fan Speeds 4
Filter Type True HEPA, Activated Carbon, Mesh Pre-Filter
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel Electronic
Timer Function No
Warranty 1 Year


This is definitely one of the best performing air purifiers on the market, our statement being made clear after you take a closer look at the filtration stages that it passes the air through. During the first filtration stage, the washable mesh pre-filter eliminates up to 99.9% of impurities as small as 0.28mm. During the second filtration stage, the Green Air Encore KH-H201 passes the air through an activated carbon filter that removes VOCs, smoke, and odors. In addition, during the third stage, it passes the air through a True HEPA filter that eliminates up to 99.97% of allergens and impurities as small as 0.3 microns. Due to the IonCluster technology that the air purifier comes with, you will be assured of the fact that germs, viruses, and bacteria won’t linger in the air that you breathe either. In conclusion, not only will this unit ensure that no unpleasant odors will be present indoors anymore, but it will remove numerous harmful airborne particles such as smoke, mold, VOCs, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more. Best of all, due to the fact that the filter used in the last filtration stage is a certified True HEPA filter, you are ensured of the fact that this product is a safe to use, top performing unit.

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Although it lacks a timer setting that would have allowed you to choose for how long the unit operates and a standby mode, it does come with other features that make it one of the best models on the market. The amazing Auto mode that this air purifier comes with keeps the air indoors contaminant-free without requiring you to change the operating settings as it detects the quality of the air by itself and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. Also, it features an air quality indicator light that changes colors according to the quality of the indoor air. This model comes with 4 different operating modes that you can choose from, more precisely Night, Silent, Fan, and Auto. Therefore, you get the chance to customize the air purifying experience in order for it to suit your needs and preferences.


The amazing Green Air Encore KH-H201 doesn’t only perform excellently, but it boasts a modern design that makes it a perfect fit for any decor. It comes in a single color option for the housing, the one that you can see in the picture above. The unit weighs only 16 pounds, and it measures 25 inches in height, 14 inches in width, and 7.5 inches in depth. Therefore, it won’t occupy a lot of space in the room where you place it, and it won’t be too hard to move from one location to another either as it doesn’t weigh much. Unfortunately, it does lack a certain design element that would have made it a more appealing option to go with, more precisely rolling casters. Nonetheless, this isn’t a major downfall because, as we have already said, it’s not too heavy so it won’t be hard to change its location whenever you want. Also, this model features a minimalistic design that makes it a dream come true for those who are looking for an easy-to-operate system. What makes it so great is the fact that it features a single on/off button, and it allows you to choose the fan operating mode that you prefer with a simple push of a button. Another design element that caught our eye is the fact that the light that it features changes colors according to the quality of the air in the room.

Warranty and Support

This top of the line air purifier is backed up by a 1-year limited warranty starting with the day of purchase. In order to benefit from having the purifier fixed or replaced free of charge during this first year after you purchase it, make sure that you use it as instructed by the user manual that it comes with. Obviously, if the unit becomes defective due to abusive or incorrect use, the warranty will be voided. Also, know that returns are accepted and that you will receive the money spent on the unit back, but only during the first 7 days after you have bought it. When it comes to customer support, in case you have any questions about the product, you can call the telephone number that is listed on the manufacturer’s website, or you can even send an e-mail.

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Recommended for use in spaces of up to 1000 square feet
Very quiet – only 23 dB
High CADR ratings
Delivers up to 5 air changes per hour when placed in small rooms
Low energy consumption
True HEPA filter ensures the elimination of up to 99.97% of airborne particles
IonCluster technology enables it to effectively remove bacteria and viruses
Offeres 4 operating modes for you to choose between
Modern design makes it a perfect fit in any household


Warranty is only 1 year long  

Final Thoughts

What first caught our eye when it came to reviewing the KH-H201 was this air purifier’s modern design that makes it the ultimate addition to any room in your house. A highlight that truly impressed us is the fact that it’s one of the quietest models on the market, thus being an excellent option for those who want to place it in the office. Besides the modern design and the quiet operation, it delivers an unmatchable performance when it comes to purifying the air as it can eliminate up to 99.97% of airborne particles due to the HEPA filtration that it uses. Of course, we were impressed by its low energy consumption as well, this being great news for anyone who doesn’t want to end up paying too much money when the bills come on operating a single appliance.

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