GT 3000 Review

We like that this model is a very efficient unit and environmentally friendly as well. We don't like that it doesn't have a very good warranty.

GT 3000 Ratings

DESIGN - 94%



We like that this model is a very efficient unit and environmentally friendly as well. We don't like that it doesn't have a very good warranty.

User Rating: 3.74 ( 7 votes)

Are you looking for a whole house air purifier that can do an excellent job? If so, then the GT 3000 is exactly what you need. This is one of those products that can definitely make the environment in your home a very healthy and pleasant one. It is available on the market today, and it can be purchased for $849. It is highly recommended for spaces up to 3000 square feet. However, if you want to find out more about this device, then you should continue to read this article.

Technical Specifications

This air purifier has an ion generation of 1 million/cm³, and the ozone output is up to 360mg/hr on the Away mode, and 25-300 mg/hr on the High mode. If you use the device according to the instructions from the owner’s manual, then the 3000 will certainly not create an environment with an ozone density of more than 0.05 ppm (excluding the away mode). The coverage area is 250 square feet minimum, and the maximum is 3000 square feet. Effective coverage actually depends on some details such as the frequency and severity of pollution, the flow of air in that environment, the humidity, and the temperature as well.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs 3000
Dimensions 12” x 11.75” x 9”
Weight 12.1 Lbs
Area Coverage 3000 Square Feet
Noise Level Low
Power 22-45W, 100-240V, 60Hz, 2.5A
Ozone Output 25 – 300 mg/hr
Ion Generation 1 million/cm³
Fan Speeds Adjustable
Filter Type Photo Catalytic Oxidation, Scalable Ozone Generation, Pulse Ionization, Electrostatic Filtration, Needlepoint Ionization
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel STN LCD Display
Timer Function No
Warranty 1 Year


It is a whole house air purifier that will do a wonderful job in indoor spaces up to 3000 square feet in size. It is absolutely perfect for big homes and offices as well. Thanks to the innovative technologies that this device uses, it will neutralize and attack mold, mildew, E-coli, Listeria, Staph, Salmonella, Candida, Giardia, Legionella, and Cryptosporidium, even when embedded in carpets, furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, clothing, closets, beds, and other places that are not exposed to normal air flow. Furthermore, it can actually kill E-coli more than 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

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This air purifier is 9-inch wide, 12-inch high, 11.75-inch deep, and it weighs 12.1 lbs. It is available on the market on black, and its side panels are specially designed to replicate high-tech carbon fiber, which is actually a material that it is being used in aerospace and sporting equipment. It is both elegant and distinctive, and it was first manufactured and patented by Rolls Royce. The newly-designed waffle grille doesn’t only have an attractive design, but it has also been scientifically designed to highly increase the flow of pollution. The air purifier’s electrical design is universally adaptable for use in countries all over the world.

Other Features

The GT 3000 features innovative technologies, which will definitely provide you an excellent result: Photocatalytic oxidation, Scalable ozone generation, Needlepoint Ionization, Pulse ionization, and Electrostatic filtration. All these active technologies efficiently work together to render mold, bacteria, and viruses in a space up to 3000 square feet, keeping you and your house healthy and very pleasant. Therefore, if you own a very big home, then this is without a doubt the device you actually need. The newly-refined air purifier was built to last at least 10 years, with a minimum care. Moreover, it comes equipped with features such as an electrostatic filter, ceramic ozone plate, 6-inch non-ozone producing 250 nm PCO Cell with bulb, a convenient remote control, and a 9-inch power cord. This air purifier is an easy-to-use one, the only things you actually need to do are to plug it in, turn it on, set the square footage, and then turn the fan to the desired speed. It is an environmentally friendly one, and it actually costs just a few penny per day to operate. You will also appreciate the fact that it has a whisper-quiet operation.

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This air purifier is available on the market today with a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. For further information, you are free to contact the Customer Service department, who’s contact details are available on the manufacturer’s website.


Recommended for use in areas of up to 3000 square feet
Effectively kills germs, viruses, and bacteria
Modern and durable design
Affordable price
Remote control offers a convenient operation
Energy efficient operation
Low-cost maintenance work


Warranty is only 1 year long  

Final Thoughts

The advanced technologies that go into the manufacturing of the GT 3000 air purifier make it one of the most reliable models on the market, this product not disguising unpleasant odors and harmful airborne particles, but rather eliminating them. What stands out the most about this model is the fact that it features a great design, the waffle grille playing an important role in the increasing of the air flow. In addition, due to the fact that it’s recommended for spaces as large as 3000 square feet, you can rely on it to purify the air in your entire house, thus ensuring that no matter in what room you’re in, the air will be clean and contaminant-free. Being one of the best performing air purifiers of the moment and due to the fact that it is designed to cover large spaces, we strongly recommend it to all those who are looking for such a product.

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