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Although the product comes at a cheap price that makes it a tempting option for those who want an air purifier but aren't willing to spend a ton of money on such a product, it does lack certain features that would have made it a better option to go with. Nonetheless, it's worth taking into consideration as it boasts great air purifying capabilities.

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The demand for air purifiers is at an all time high due to the fact that people are now more aware than ever of the effects of contaminated air. Also, unlike the good old times when there weren’t so many threats lurking in the air, now we’re subjected to breathing in highly dangerous airborne impurities even when we’re at home. Fortunately, there are a lot of reliable household appliances of this kind out there that will effectively clean the air that you breathe of impurities, one of the most remarkable options being the TrueAir 04386A from Hamilton Beach. Not only does this model come at a price that makes it a real bargain, but it performs excellently as well. Also, if you’re somewhat informed about major manufacturers of household appliances, then you already know that the Hamilton Beach brand is among the most respected out there due to the quality products that it releases. If you want to learn more about this product to better understand what makes it so special and why we recommend it, read the following lines.


The unit uses HEPA filtration to ensure that the air you breathe is of a great quality, eliminating the airborne impurities in a highly effective manner. Although it features a single filtration stage, this doesn’t take away from its quality in performance as the filtration that it boasts is more than excellent. It’s designed for use in rooms of up to 160 square feet, so you can easily use it to purify the air in the bedroom or the nursery. It boasts an excellent airflow speed of 67 cubic feet per minute. When set on the lowest speed setting it’s whisper quiet, so it won’t present a distraction even if you place it in the office and sit in proximity to it while you work. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information regarding its power consumption, but what we can say for sure is that it’s not one of the best performing options to go with from this point of view as it lacks an Energy Star certification.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs TrueAir 04386A
Dimensions 8.5” x 6” x 13.5”
Weight 5.7 Lbs
Area Coverage 160 Square Feet
Noise Level N/A
Energy Star Certified Yes
Fan Speeds 3
Filter Type HEPA-Grade Filter
Odor Reducing Filter No
Control Panel LCD
Timer Function Yes
Warranty 1 Year


This unit passes the air indoors through a single filtration stage, more precisely it uses an HEPA-grade filter to effectively capture up to 99 percent of pollutants and airborne particles as small as 3 microns. What you will surely like about it is the fact that the filter never needs to be replaced, all that it requires being for you to vacuum it once in a while. This doesn’t only make your life easier because you won’t have to make difficult filter changes once every 2-3 months like other models require, but it’s great because it helps you save a lot of money in the long run as well. Among the important airborne impurities that this unit is capable of removing are dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Unfortunately, the lack of a carbon filter makes it quite inefficient when it comes to the removal of unpleasant odors. Also, another major downside of this model is that it doesn’t come with certifications like other better performing units do, this showing that it isn’t one of the best models out there.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say about this model when it comes to features as it lacks a lot of them. But this shouldn’t come as a shock considering the extremely low price that it comes at and the fact that it doesn’t require additional costs to be made over time as the filter is permanent. The notable features that this model lacks are a timer that would have made it more energy efficient, ensuring that it won’t operate for longer than it’s needed, an automatic mode that would have ensured the unit will change the speed settings in conformity with the levels of indoor air pollution, and an air quality sensor that would have constantly monitored the quality of the air. On the upside, it does feature 3 different speed settings that you can choose from, all of them, especially the lowest setting, being ultra quiet.

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What stands out about this unit when it comes to its design is the fact that it doesn’t occupy a huge amount of space and that it looks modern, fitting in perfectly with any decor. Also, this model comes in another option design-wise except for black, more precisely one where the housing is white. It measures 8.5 inches in length, 6 inches in width, 13.5 inches in height, and it weighs only 5.7 pounds, being a breeze to move it from one location to another when you want to switch the areas where it purifies the air. Although it lacks caster wheels, this isn’t a problem considering how light the product actually is. Also, despite the modern aspect from afar, it’s actually a pretty traditional unit when it comes to how it was designed due to the fact that it lacks an LCD display, a feature that other more expensive units come with. What it does feature is a knob that you turn in order to select the setting that you prefer, this design being ideal for those who aren’t tech savvy and who are looking for an easy-to-use purifier.


This model is backed up by the manufacturer for defects in parts and labor during the first year after purchase. During this period of time, it will be repaired or replaced without charging you a dime as long as you make sure that the unit hasn’t stopped performing properly due to abusive or incorrect use. When it comes to difficulties operating it, you will receive the help that you need from the customer support team if you call the telephone number listed on the manufacturer’s website or if you leave them an e-mail. Those who have already bought the unit praise the support team for the professional manner in which they have helped them, appreciating the quality of their services.

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