Honeywell HFD-120-Q

If you are planning to purchase a quality air purifier for your room, then you might want to consider this incredible model. It comes with some impressive features and it is very easy to operate and maintain.

Honeywell HFD-120-Q Ratings

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If you are planning to purchase a quality air purifier for your room, then you might want to consider this incredible model. It comes with some impressive features and it is very easy to operate and maintain.

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Most people purchase an air purifier to reduce the effects of allergens or smoke. After all, it’s not a mystery that having an efficient and powerful purifier can improve the air quality of your home, thus protecting you from various health issues. If you are looking to purchase a device that can do an excellent job, the HFD-120-Q from Honeywell is exactly what you need. It is highly recommended for spaces up to 170 square feet, and this stylish unit comes with an advanced technology and a multitude of great features. Best of all, it comes at an attractive price that makes it affordable when compared to other models.

Technical specifications

The purifier comes with a permanent filtration system and uses a variety of mechanisms to remove airborne particles from the air. Most of these mechanisms use a combination of filtration methods to remove the pollutants from the air. Additionally, it has three cleaning levels to ensure that the air is clean and fresh. One of the most important things to consider before purchasing it is the filtering capacity or the room size it can handle. Suitable for spaces between 100 and 200 square feet, this advanced unit comes with an HEPA filtration mechanism that is one of the most effective methods used for air purification. Moreover, it’s important to know that the purifier comes with a built-in ionizer that is able to ground most of the charged particles before they get to your nose. The CADR ratings of this unit are 100 for dust, 132 for pollen, and 110 for smoke. Aside from being efficient, it is a quiet unit that improves the quality of the air without producing too much noise. It runs quietly and this makes it perfect for use in various places, including a bedroom that demands a quiet environment. Furthermore, it is Energy Star rated, so it is designed to consume minimum energy.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs HFD-120-Q
Dimensions 28” x 11.2” x 10”
Weight 14.5 Lbs
Area Coverage 200 Square Feet
Noise Level N/A
Energy Star Certified Yes
Fan Speeds 3
Filter Type IFD Filter
Odor Reducing Filter No
Control Panel LED Touch Button Control Panel
Timer Function No
Warranty 5 Years


It comes with a permanent IFD filter that enables it to capture up to 99% of airborne contaminants without interrupting or disturbing the flow of the air. In terms of performance, it is capable of capturing up to 18 times more pollutants than other units, including ionic air purifiers, and it effectively circulates the air in a medium-sized room up to 5 times per hour. Thanks to the latest technologies that the unit uses, it will remove human hair, pollen, household dust, pet dander and even smoke particles from the air that passes through the filter. Actually, it is optimized to capture particles that are as small as 2 microns. With this capability, you can rest assured that the air in the room is free of pollutants. Aside from being Energy Star rated and certified, it is also AHAM and ARB certified, meaning that it complies with federal ozone emissions limit.

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As mentioned before, this great air cleaning system uses various filtration mechanisms in three speeds to improve the quality of the indoor air. It ensures that airborne pollutants are trapped before they reach your respiratory system. The fact that it features a patented washable permanent IFD filter that can be easily rinsed is a major perk. Also, keep in mind that the filter doesn’t need replacement. Additionally, it features an electronic filter check indicator that will announce you when the filters need to be washed. Despite the fact that it doesn’t come with a standby mode or an air quality sensor such as other similar products do, it is a powerful purifier that will surely meet all your requirements.


What we really like about this unit is its stylish and modern design. This sleek and highly portable tower air purifier measures 28.7 x 11.2 x 10 inches and it weighs 14.5 pounds. Furthermore, if you are looking to purchase this great unit, you should know that it features a LED touch button control panel with three speeds that make it very easy to use and operate. Despite the fact that it doesn’t come with rolling casters, this device is quite lightweight, so it can be easily moved from a place to another.

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Warranty and support

The product features a 5-year limited warranty. The warranty applies to the repair or replacement of the product if it’s found to be defective in material or workmanship. However, it does not apply to damage resulting from commercial, abusive, or supplemental damage. For information regarding its operation, feel free to contact the Customer Service Department by calling the telephone number listed on the manufacturer’s website.

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