How to Properly Size Your Air Purifier

If your allergies are acting up because of the air in your home, or if you’re simply aware of how many dangers lurk in it, then you have probably already decided that it’s time to purchase an air purifier. But choosing the perfect model doesn’t only mean that you have to look for one that has as many features as possible, the area that it can cover being equally important if not even more important. If you don’t make the right choice from this point of view, you will end up with a unit that isn’t able to clear the air of the contaminants that lurk in the room that you place it in. This is the reason why we took our time and did the proper research regarding how to size an air purifier, thus ensuring that if you follow our advice, you will spend your money on the ideal model for your needs. Therefore, if you aren’t aware of how to choose the best unit of this kind when it comes to its size and overall air purification capabilities, read the following lines and you will learn everything that you need to make a smart choice.

Establish where you will place the unit

The first thing that you have to take into consideration when making such a purchase is where you are going to place the unit. In theory, the best positioning for such a device is in the middle of the room that you intend to place it in as it generally purifies the air in a circular perimeter around it. Also, you have to consider how many rooms you need to use it in. If you’re interested in purifying the air in one room at a time, a traditional unit is best for you to go with. On the other hand, if you consider that you have bigger issues with air quality indoors, then you need to choose a whole house model with a higher purifying capacity.

Determine the square footage of the area that you want to purify

Next, you have to determine the square footage of the area you want to place it in. If you want to purify the air in a single room, take a measuring tape and take the measurements of two perpendicular walls in that room. This way, you will be able to determine the square footage of the room, thus being able to determine the exact model that you need to go with. To see if a certain unit fits your needs or not, check out its specifications to see what areas it can cover. In case you want to purify the air in multiple rooms, determine the square footage of each room and add these numbers to see how big the area that it must cover actually is.

Take into consideration the level of pollution in the area that you want to purify

Last but not least, you have to take into consideration the level of pollution in the area that you want to purify, meaning that you have to consider whether there are constant sources of pollution in it like dust, pets, or cooking smells. If the area does have these constant sources of pollution, then you have to go with a model that can make between 2 and 8 air changes per hour. Unfortunately, you have to form an opinion of this manner rather than base your decision on clear numbers, but it’s not impossible to figure out how many air changes per hour the unit should make if there are severe air pollution issues in your home.