Ozone Generators

Able to break dangerous substances in the air apart to make the habitat safer for you as the air you inhale is cleaner, an ozone generator is an ideal air cleaner to have. If you live in the industrial area of the city, it is all the more important to have the device in your home as air toxicity levels are inevitably high. In the following, we will list and rank the best ozone generating devices on the market right now, offering you the possibility to make a choice easier.

Top 7 Ozone Generators Comparison

Image Product Name Price
Green Air Purifiers GAP-400 Image
Best Model

1. Green Air Purifiers GAP-400

  • Area coverage: 3500 square feet
  • Air filtration media: HEPA filter, pre-filter, PCO filter
  • Ozone generation rate: 360 mg/hr per plate
  • UV-C lamp system: Yes
  • Main highlight: Activated oxygen sanitizes pollution embedded in furniture, walls, floors, and so on
  • Warranty: 2 years
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OdorFree Villa 1000 Image

2. OdorFree Villa 1000

  • Area coverage: 2000 square feet
  • Air filtration media: 3 ozone plates
  • Ozone generation rate: 150-900 mg/hr
  • UV-C lamp system: No
  • Main highlight: Easy to operate
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Green Air Purifiers SFA 2.2 Image

3. Green Air Purifiers SFA 2.2

  • Area coverage: 3500 square feet
  • Air filtration media: Activated carbon filter, PCO filter
  • Ozone generation rate: N/A
  • UV-C lamp system: Yes
  • Main highlight: Sterilizer function kills airborne germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Warranty: 2 years
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OdorStop OS2500UV Image
Editor’s Choice

4. OdorStop OS2500UV

  • Area coverage: 2500 square feet
  • Air filtration media: Pre-filter, 2 ozone plates
  • Ozone generation rate: 100 to 1080 mg/hr
  • UV-C lamp system: Yes
  • Main highlight: Fan output of 110 cubic feet per minute
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Ozone Power OP5000 Image

5. Ozone Power OP5000

  • Area coverage: 5000 square feet
  • Air filtration media: Hex technology ozone plate
  • Ozone generation rate: Over 5000 milligrams per hour
  • UV-C lamp system: No
  • Main highlight: 3-hour timer
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Breathe Fresh Air Simply Fresh Image

6. Breathe Fresh Air Simply Fresh

  • Area coverage: 3500 square feet
  • Air filtration media: Washable HEPA filter
  • Ozone generation rate: 720 mg/hr
  • UV-C lamp system: No
  • Main highlight: High efficiency rate at removing airborne germs and viruses
  • Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee
Mammoth Air Cherry Wood Image

7. Mammoth Air Cherry Wood

  • Area coverage: 2000 square feet
  • Air filtration media: N/A
  • Ozone generation rate: 360 mg/hr
  • UV-C lamp system: No
  • Main highlight: Knob-adjustable fan speed and ozone generation
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Ozone Generating Devices Reviews

Green Air Purifiers GAP-400

The two purifier plates this ozone generation device features provide twice the air purification power most products in this niche do. It was an easy pick as our number 1 as it is quite stylish, complementing the décor of the space you place it in perfectly, and its performance it hard if not impossible to surpass. Capable of covering an area of up to 3500 square feet and ensuring the best quality air to breathe while it functions, it is a product we strongly recommend you try out. Among the benefits it delivers, we must mention the elimination of tobacco smell, paint odors, and cooking odors, the elimination of airborne germs and viruses due to its sterilizer function, and the effective removal of dust from the air due to the trillions of negative ions it releases. An overall flawless product by design, it is an option you should seriously take into consideration if you care for your health.


Can capture airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns
Sterilizer function it utilizes enhances air quality by destroying germs and bacteria
Features a triple washable system filter – maintenance work does not require you make any investments
Eliminates unpleasant odors to make your home a more friendly habitat to live in


There are no downsides to this product  

OdorFree Villa 1000

Although we rated it as capable of covering a 2000 square foot area, the truth of the matter is that it can even be used in a 4000 square foot area – the only issue is that its efficiency inevitably drops as there is a wider surface to handle, the Villa 1000 is one of the ozone generating appliances that we liked the most as it is hassle-free in terms of maintenance. It features 3 ozone plates that tend to clean the air of impurities by delivering a staggering output of 150 to 900 mg/hour. It features a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer that ensures the operation won’t exceed the parameters you select so that energy efficiency remains a perk. Furthermore, the manufacturing company backs it for 5 years against defective parts and faulty workmanship.


Automatic shut-off after up to 12 hours
Tends to the elimination of bacteria from the air
Effective at breaking apart odor molecules
Easy to maintain


Asking price is a bit too high  

Green Air Purifiers SFA 2.2

Just like our number one pick, the SFA 2.2 is an ozone generating system you will not regret purchasing as it dramatically improves indoor air quality. What makes it a prolific air cleaning device is its design – it utilizes a PCO filter to eliminate airborne particles as small as 0.2 microns, and an activated carbon filter which removes unwanted contaminants from the air while enhancing air quality by tending to eliminating unpleasant odors as well. It comes with a useful timer function that you can set as you like in order to reduce operational costs. However, you should not worry about energy consumption as the device actually consumes only 56 watts, being one of the most energy efficient products in this niche. It boasts a high ozone output, delivering up to 360 milligrams per hour. Furthermore, when you are dealing with strong odors that you want to get rid of, you can simply turn the ozone generation function off.


Emits trillions of negative ions into the air due to its anion amitters
Eliminates particles as small as 0.2 microns
High energy efficiency – consumes only 56 watts
Ozone generation mode can be put on hold for a more thorough odor reduction performance


Might be out of your reach in terms of pricing  

OdorStop OS2500UV

The compact design of the OS2500UV makes it a quite interesting ozone generation device, despite its negligible profile boasting a hard to surpass performance. It actually boasts a maximum ozone output of 1080 milligrams per hour, a lot more than what most top-tier devices in this niche can offer. Undoubtedly, the feature which stands out the most when analyzing it is the 12-hour timer that allows you to opt for a truly energy efficient operation by choosing for how long you want it to function. It can effectively treat indoor air in spaces measuring up to 2500 square feet. Additionally, it is backed by the manufacturer during the first 5 years since you purchase it, and in case you are not satisfied by it for any reason, you can return it and receive a full refund during the first 30 days of owning it.


Features a useful and energy-saving 12-timer function
High energy efficiency rate – consumes approximately 34 watts
Compact design makes it easy for you to change its placement whenever it is needed
Aluminum casing construction makes it impressively durable


A bit more expensive than similar products  

Ozone Power OP5000

One of the cheaper options to go for, but an ozone generating device which will serve you well nonetheless, the OP5000 is ideal as it can be used to treat the air in spaces of up to 5000 square feet. It features a 5-inch fan which guarantees maximum ozone flow, covering the entire area so that the air you breathe is truly clean. It comes with a 3-hour timer which adds to convenience in use as it allows you to decide the length of its operation. Also, this feature limits energy consumption, ensuring there will not be more energy waste than needed. In addition, the manufacturing company backs it with a 5-year warranty against defects in parts and labor.


Features a 3-hour timer that allows you to pick the length of its operation
5-inch fan ensures an even and full area coverage, and maximum ozone flow
Comes at an affordable price
Powerful yet efficient in its operation


No downsides worth mentioning  

Breathe Fresh Air Simply Fresh

One of the best budget options to go for, the Simply Fresh ozone generating device delivers an outstanding air cleaning performance despite the low asking price. Furthermore, it can cover spaces as large as 3500, so it is easy to understand why it has become a fan-favorite so fast, numerous people turning to it as their final option. It might not feature a UV lamp system, but this is not a tragedy considering the high negative ion output it boasts. Among its notable highlights, we must mention the low noise output which ensures you will not be distracted by it when it runs, the energy efficient operation which ensures you won’t see an actual change when the bills come as a result of using it, and the compact profile that makes it a perfect fit in any space. Thus, regardless of the way you look at it, this Breathe Fresh Air product is one of the best choices you could make.


One of the best budget options to go for
Energy efficient – does not consume a lot of power when operating
Effective deodorizing ensured by its ozone output and performance
Clean and compact design – will fit perfectly in your home


Lacks UV lamp system  

Mammoth Air Cherry Wood

An even cheaper option to go for when compared to our number one pick is this Mammoth Air product. Although it costs a little over $100, its operation has not been sacrificed in favor of manufacturing a budget-friendly ozone generating device. Sure, it does have its flaws, more precisely the lack of a UV lamp system that would have made germ and bacteria removal a more effective process, but on the upside, it boasts a great ion production of 80 thousand ions per inch and it emits up to 360 milligrams of ozone per hour. Thus, you cannot deny that it boasts a hard to top overall performance. Furthermore, this product is designed with user convenience in mind, the proof being the 2-knob design which allows you to control and adjust fan speed and ozone production as you like with ease.


One of the cheapest products in its market
Delivers a healthy and natural manner to clean the air of unwanted odors
Peak ion production rate of 80 thousand per inch
Adjustable ozone production level allows you to customize its operation as you like


Does not feature a UV lamp system
Some customers have stated that the fan started to act up after a few months  

How Do Ozone Producing Devices Work?

Mostly used in industrial and medical applications, systems that generate ozone have been seen as quite controversial for residential use due to their powerful operation. It is the DNA of ozone itself that brought so much attention to this subject, being composed of three atoms of oxygen unlike the air we breathe which has only two atoms. Ozone can be produced through one of two methods – either ultraviolet or corona discharge.

Ultraviolet light creates it at the moment when a 254-nanometer wavelength hits the oxygen atom, causing the molecule to split into two atoms. When the atoms combine with another oxygen molecule, ozone is produced. Through the corona discharge method, ozone is created by applying a high voltage to a metallic grid which is stuck between dielectrics. The voltage produced by the dielectric and a grounded screen creates the ozone from the oxygen present in that environment.


Image of an OdorStop ozone generator

Making Up Your Mind the Right Way – What to Look for in an Ozone Generating System

Without a doubt, it is your main target to pick a quality system which generates ozone as it’s in your best interest to not end up spending money on a faulty product or one that performs poorly. In the following, we will provide you with the needed help to make a right choice by showing exactly what you should look into while analyzing your best ozone generator option.

  • Ozone output: The first spec to look into is the ozone output of the system as, after all, this is its main purpose – generating ozone. The rating for the ozone output of the device is measured in milligrams per seconds. To find out what is the production rate of a certain model, check out its spec sheet. If this information is not provided by the manufacturer, stay away from the product as it means that the ozone output of the device is actually between dangerous parameters.
  • Air filtration media: Seeing how it is an air quality boosting device, it should come with a filtration media which help eliminate certain airborne pollutants that ozone cannot handle. We recommend you look into a product which comes with an activated carbon filter media, for example, as it endorses the destruction of dust, pollen, and a lot of other contaminants.
  • Housing quality: While not the most important spec to look into, it is still smart to check what the housing is made from. Otherwise, you risk spending your money on a product that will become faulty at the slightest hit. No one is perfect and you could inevitably hit it or throw something on the generator, depending on where you store it, so it is smarter to make sure it can handle a beating.
  • Warranty: Obviously, as with any product out there, you must look into the warranty that it is covered by as this is one of the best indicators of its overall quality. A top-tier system will be backed by a lengthy warranty, indicating that the manufacturing company trusts the quality of the product it distributes. Furthermore, the longer the warranty, the less likely it is to end up having to spend money out of your own pocket on repairing it in case it becomes faulty.


How We Rated Our Top Picks

Picking the best products on a competitive market is never easy, so we had to establish certain criteria prior to starting our tests. While we tested and analyzed different products on this market, we made sure to check and compare some important elements, specs, and features that we consider to have the biggest effect on the quality of the device. Check out our ratings and find out what products received most points from the following matrix:

Rating Criteria How It Affects Performance Product to Receive the Best Score
Area Coverage The size of the area the ozone producing device can cover indicates in what type of space you can use it. This is one of the specs we strongly recommend you closely look into in order to avoid purchasing a system which will underperform in the area you intend to place it in or one that is oversized for your needs. We gave a better rating to the products which cover bigger areas as they are more versatile to work with and offer a much powerful overall operation. Green Air Purifiers GAP-400, Green Air Purifiers SFA 2.2, Breathe Fresh Air Simply Fresh
Ozone Generation The performance of an ozone generator is best described by its ozone generation rate, so it is easy to see why this was an important rating and ranking criteria for us. Obviously, the bigger the ozone production rate is, the better, so most points went to the product which complied best from this point of view. OdorStop OS2500UV
HEPA Filtration For a filter to qualify for the HEPA rating, it must remove at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air. This makes HEPA the most prolific types of filters, by far. Thus, it is obvious why we gave a higher approval rate to the ozone devices which featured a HEPA filter. Green Air Purifiers GAP-400, Breathe Fresh Air Simply Fresh
Timer Function Another feature that makes quite a difference in the overall performance of the device is the presence of the timer function as it allows you to customize the operational flow. Therefore, you will not have to keep the generator running for more than you consider it to be necessary, and you will end up paying less when the energy bills come as a result. Green Air Purifiers SFA 2.2, OdorStop OS2500UV
Energy Consumption The amount of energy consumed by the device when it runs is another important element to take into consideration when ranking an ozone generating system as it shows if running it will spruce up the electricity bill too much. Evidently, the product to receive the best rating when it came down to this criteria was the product that boasted the best energy efficiency. OdorStop OS2500UV
Warranty Length The period of time for which the device is backed by the manufacturer with a warranty is the final rating element which greatly affected our ranking as it shows how qualitative the product is and how much trust the producing company puts in it. OdorStop OS2500UV


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ozone?

Ozone, or known for those who like to dabble in chemistry as O3, contains three atoms of oxygen as opposed to the two atoms we breathe under normal circumstances. Due to its content, it is the second best sterilizer in the world, being capable of killing strong odors, bacteria, and viruses.

Is ozone safe for my health?

Although you might find on the internet sources which slander ozone generating devices, the premises on which their accusations are founded are completely false. The reason why we are confident about this statement and why we consider ozone safe for human health is because it has even been awarded by the American Food and Drug Administration for its safety.

If I use the ozone generating system, will the unpleasant odor come back?

When you utilize a normal air purifier with odor-reducing filtration media, the unpleasant smell will be atoned, but the source of the problem won’t go away. Thus, your problem won’t actually be fixed. However, with an ozone generating system, the source of the odor will be destroyed, so the odor will be an issue of the past.