Philips 2000i AC2889/40

Philips 2000i AC2889/40 Ratings

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This is one of the most efficient air purifiers that manages to combine the smart technologies and the modern design for the best performance and convenience. It's packed with multiple useful features and has an amazing rate of impurities absorption.

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There are so many air purifiers available in the stores that it’s very difficult to know which one actually works so that you will know which one to choose. We analyzed many of them and we came across Philips 2000i, an innovative smart device of the latest generation. The popularity of the brand is strongly connected to the performance of this device that incorporates all the latest discoveries in the field. You will surely be interested in learning more about this air cleaner so we thought we would review it for you.

Technical specifications

This advanced air filter is a true revolution and can contribute to significantly improve air quality. It’s suitable for medium rooms of a maximum of 277 sq. ft. and you should consider this aspect if you want to enjoy the best performance. Placing it in rooms much larger than that could lead to poorer results. The CADR numbers are quite impressive and they prove how effective the unit is. For smoke, the rate is 179 m³/h, for dust is 198 m³/h and for pollen is 211 m³/h.

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For removing particles from the air, the purifier uses the AeraSense technology that captures 99.97% of the impurities down to 0.3 microns. The fan that sucks the air in has 5 different speed levels so you can customize the intensity of the operating. Moreover, this also helps reduce the noise because the lowest level emits 32 dB while the highest creates 64 dB. Another aspect that you shouldn’t worry about is the energy consumption because this unit draws only 56W of power so it uses very little energy without increasing your bills.

Specifications Sheet

Specs 2000i AC2889/40
Dimensions 11.6” x 16.2” x 24.1”
Weight 20 Lbs
Area Coverage 277 Square Feet
Noise Level 32 dB
Power Consumption 56 Watts
Fan Speeds 5
Filter Type Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
Odor Reducing Filter Activated Carbon Filter
Control Panel Touch Controls, LCD Display
Timer Function Yes
Warranty N/A


You can tell the utility and reliability of an air purifier by its performance and we can assure you that this particular unit will blow your mind. Due to the combination of HEPA and activated carbon filters, it manages to eliminate allergens, gasses, bacteria, smoke, and even some of the most common household odors. Moreover, it also includes a pre-filter that catches larger particles in order to protect the more pretentious HEPA filter. The air cleaner is of great help in fighting allergy symptoms and is highly efficient in removing dangerous germs and bacteria from the air.
The patented AeraSense technology used by this air cleaner makes sure the device will sense every change in air quality so that it will be able to act promptly. As such, the unit continuously keeps tabs on the air quality and adjusts its speed according to how many impurities it senses. Moreover, this technology allows it to display the quality level in numbers from 1 to 1, 1 being the best and 12 being the most polluted air.

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This air cleaner also boasts some interesting features that increase its efficiency. To fully customize its functioning, you can choose between 3 automatic preset modes that include General, a sensitive Allergen mode, and a very powerful mode for removing bacteria and viruses. In addition, it includes 5 manual modes like Sleep or Turbo Speed that vary in intensity and sound level. This extended freedom in customizing the air purifying process allows you to adapt the unit to the needs of your home.
It uses PM 2.5 sensors to monitor air quality so that it can detect the level of air pollution. The device comes with a filter change indicator and an additional feature called Healthy air lock & Alert that turns off the unit and prevents it from starting in case the filter has not been changed. This guarantees that the air filtration will be performed under the highest safety conditions.
Among the features that are worth mentioning, there is the 12-hour programmable timer that lets you schedule the functioning and also saves energy by avoiding useless operating. What makes this purifier so impressive is the internet connectivity that enables you to control your unit from anywhere through the dedicated app. Use the app to change the speed, check the status of the filter or program the unit to start and stop.

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Such an innovative device could only boost a modern and attractive design that easily blends in any home and boosts the décor. The housing is available in white and has rounded edges that minimize its footprint, making it more compact and easier to store. The aerodynamic shape with 3 air inlets guarantees the best air suction and release. The plastic used in manufacturing the housing is certified to be free of chemicals.
A light shines on the front of the unit to let you know it’s working on filtering the air in your house. When the air requires a thorough filtration, the light turns red while a clean air will make the light turn blue. At the top, you will find the grid that absorbs the air and a sleek touchscreen that includes the controls buttons and the display of the purifier. Overall, the item measures 11.6 x 16.2 x 24.1 inches and weighs slightly over 20 pounds so it’s a medium-size unit that could be rather hard to move around. The fact that it doesn’t come with caster wheels sort of hardens transportation but it is not a major issue.

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Warranty and support

Unfortunately, no information on the warranty was available neither in the product’s manual nor the manufacturer’s website. However, we discovered contact details of the Customer Service department where you can ask for more details regarding the product. The reliability of the brand will surely influence the durability of the unit and the promptitude of the personnel.

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