Philips 2000i AC2889/40

This is one of the most efficient air purifiers that manages to combine the smart technologies and the modern design for the best performance and convenience. It's packed with multiple useful features and has an amazing rate of impurities absorption.

Philips 2000i AC2889/40 Ratings

DESIGN - 99%



This is one of the most efficient air purifiers that manages to combine the smart technologies and the modern design for the best performance and convenience. It's packed with multiple useful features and has an amazing rate of impurities absorption.

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Air purifiers use a wide range of different air purification techniques to their job. However, they have since evolved to use other technologies to boost efficiency and convenience. A lot of air purifiers today are WiFi-capable and work with an app on your mobile device so that you can control it remotely and monitor air quality levels real time.

A good example of a WiFi-capable air purifier is the Philips 2000i AC2889/40. Coming from one of the most popular brands in the home appliance industry, the expectations for this new model are quite high, especially considering how well the older model performed. Read our review to determine if this upgraded air purifier is for you!


  • WiFi capability allows you to control the device via an app on your mobile device
  • Operates quietly
  • Sleek, space-saving design
  • Uses AeraSense technology that detects pollution and automatically adjusts according to indoor air quality
  • Visual and numerical air quality indicators
  • Dedicated auto modes for different preferences
  • Auto shut off when filter has reached the end of its service life


  • Small room coverage
  • Expensive (upfront and long-term)
  • Difficult to use

Product Overview

The Philips 2000i AC2889/40 runs with a three-stage air filtration system pretty similar to its older counterpart, the AC1213/40. It starts off with a pre-filter for large air pollutants like pet hair and visible dust, followed by an activated carbon filter to remove smoke, light odors, and other chemical fumes. It finishes with a True HEPA filter that’s capable of removing 99.97% of allergens like pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust mites.

Our chief complaint with this device is that it’s really expensive considering its average specifications. Only rated to cover 277 sq. ft., you can’t expect this air purifier to do well in large areas. Users have also complained about how difficult to use the AC2889/40 is because of its many features.

Overall, the AC2889/40 is still an effective, high-quality air purifier that’s capable of eradicating all sorts of air pollutants despite its simple air filtration system. What makes this unit so outstanding are its features: real time air quality monitoring, automatic fan speed adjustments, WiFi capability along with the app, and many auto modes to choose from.

Specifications Sheet

Filter TypePre-filter, True HEPA filter

Specs Philips 2000i AC2889/40
Dimensions 11.6 x 16.2 x 24.1 inches
Weight 20.2 lbs
Area Coverage 277 sq. ft.
Smoke CADR 179
Pollen CADR 198
Dust CADR 211
Noise Level 32 – 64 dB
Fan Speeds 5
Odor Reducing Filter Activated carbon filter
Control Panel Touch
Timer Function Yes (12 hours)
Warranty 2 Years

Features and Benefits

  • WiFi capable with Air Matters mobile app – The AC2889/40 (as well as the AC1214/40) is WiFi-capable and works with Philips’ Air Matters app. Through the app, you’re able to monitor the air quality at home, receive allergen management advice, and control the air purifier — even when you’re not at home!
  • AeraSense Technology – The AC2889/40 uses AeraSense Technology which monitors air quality real time and communicates the information to the air purifier to allow it to adjust its fan speed accordingly.
  • Air quality indicator – The AeraSmart Technology works with an air quality indicator on the unit’s control panel to display air quality levels on a scale of 1-12 with 1 being the best air quality and 12 being the worst. Aside from this numerical scale, there is also a color ring that changes color depending on the air quality: blue (good air quality) and red (poor air quality).
  • 3 Auto Modes – There are 3 auto modes to choose from on the AC2889/40: General Mode, Allergen Mode, and Bacteria/Virus Mode. On General Mode, it runs automatically by itself depending on the current air quality. On Allergen Mode, it’s highly sensitive to particle levels and adjusts fan speed accordingly. On the Bacteria/Virus Mode, it is set on the highest fan speed to purify the air as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to create a more sanitary environment.
  • 5 Fan Speeds – Aside from the 3 Auto Modes, there are 5 fan speeds to choose from. For ultra-quiet operation, choose Speed 1. For heavy-duty air purification, choose Turbo Speed.
  • Long-life filters – Compared to most air purifiers, the AC2889/40 works with relatively long-life filters with the HEPA filter lasting up to 12 months and the activated carbon filter lasting up to 6 months.
  • Energy Star Certified – The AC2889/40 is also Energy Star certified so you can rest assured that it’s as energy efficient as possible and won’t rack up your electricity bills.


The AC2889/40 works with a pretty standard air filtration system that includes a pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Considering how expensive this unit is, we would have expected something a little more comprehensive. However, Philips made sure to make up for it in terms of performance and features.

The AC2889/40 received good CADR ratings which make it adept at removing the three most common air pollutants: smoke, dust, and pollen. Furthermore, it is backed by 3 modes for you to choose from: a General Mode, an Allergy Mode, and a Bacteria/Viruses Mode. These modes give the user a more personalized experience depending on their needs.

Because of the many features, some users might find it a little difficult to get used to but everything you need to know is in the user manual. Overall, the AC2889/40 does its job and does it well, ensuring you get the most out of what you paid for.


Philips is known for producing beautifully-designed products that are modern and sleek. The AC2889/40 adapts this aesthetic and comes with a clean, premium look. It’s a pretty standard size as far as console air purifiers go and should fit in quite nicely with any type of decor.

The control panel also has a very modern look along with the eye-catching air quality color ring. The designers at Philips definitely made sure that the premium price of the AC2889/40 had a premium look to match.

Warranty and Support

Philips gives its users a limited 2-year warranty for the AC2889/40. This means that all repairs and replacements will be free of charge for the entire given duration. The warranty, of course, will be nullified and voided once the terms and conditions are breached. This includes using parts and filter replacements from different distributors.

Final Thoughts

For those looking for a small room air purifier, the AC2889/40 comes highly recommended. Its bevy of useful features make it a convenient device to use. With its WiFi capability and mobile app, the AC2889/40 comes as one of the most cutting-edge air purifiers on the market today. From air quality monitoring to automatic air purification, the AC2889/40 is definitely an effective device to use against allergens, odors, bacteria, and viruses.

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