Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster Review

Poor air quality is becoming an increasingly pressing concern with the prevalence of air pollutants. What’s more troubling is that homes in particular are at a risk for poorer air quality due to poor ventilation and air movement. One of the best ways to curb the negative effects of poor indoor air quality is to invest in an air purifier.

If you’re looking for a high-end, high quality, and high technology air purifier, then look no further than the Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster. Hailed as our best air purifier and humidifier combo, the KC-860U combines the power of both air purifier and humidifier in one to give you and your family the best air quality possible.

Read our detailed review of this model below!


  • Best for medium-sized rooms
  • Built-in evaporative humidifier for better air quality
  • Water low indicator and air quality indicator
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Comprehensive air purification system
  • Long life filters, washable carbon filter


  • Expensive
  • Small water tank
  • Short warranty
  • Large and bulky

Technical Specifications

The KC-860U is an air purifier with a built-in humidifier. Rated to cover 341 sq. ft. of space, the KC-860U is best utilized in a medium-sized room. This room coverage isn’t too impressive, especially when you take into consideration how expensive this unit is. However, because of the built-in evaporative humidifier and the extensive air purification system, it is able to justify its hefty price tag.

Aside from having clean air, humidity also plays a huge role in creating a comfortable environment at home. The KC-860U houses a 1.14-gallon water tank that allows its built-in humidifier to run for up to 10 hours on each filling. It uses an evaporative system so you don’t have to worry about white dust.

The KC-860U is endowed with above average CADR ratings so you can be sure that it’ll do a good job of removing smoke, pollen, and dust. It also runs surprisingly quietly, producing no more than 28 dB of noise, even with the humidifier running. Overall, the KC-860U is a fairly robust air purifier that is able to address different air quality issues.

Specifications Sheet

Specs Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster
Dimensions 15.8 x 11.4 x 24.8 inches
Weight 24.9 lbs
Area Coverage 341 sq. ft.
Noise Level 19 dB (without humidifier) – 28 dB (with humidifier)
CADR Rating for Smoke 220
CADR Rating for Pollen 245
CADR Rating for Dust 231
Fan Speeds 3
Filter Type Pre-filter, True HEPA filter
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Ionizer Yes
Control Panel Button Controls
Humidifier Type Evaporative humidifier
Timer Function No
Warranty 1 Year


The KC-860U’s air purification system starts off with a permanent pre-filter to capture large particles such as pet hairs and visible dust. Then the air goes through a washable deodorizing filter to remove light household odors, and, finally, we have the True HEPA filter which captures up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and more.

Aside from its filters, the KC-860U also gives you the option of using their signature Plasmacluster ionizer for added allergen-removing power. Aside from removing allergens, the Plasmacluster ionizer can also reduce the incidence of static electricity.

One downside to the KC-860U is the humidifier feature which leaves more to be desired. Because of its small water tank, you’ll need to refill it at least twice per day if you want to use the humidifier function continuously. Despite this small flaw, however, the humidifier is still able to effectively humidify small to medium-sized rooms.


The main highlight of this air purifier is definitely its built-in humidifier which takes it several steps ahead of its competitors. Its dual functionality makes it an extremely attractive home appliance that’s able to address two very common household problems: air pollution and humidity control.

However, aside from the built-in humidifier, the KC-860U also boasts several smart features such as a dust sensor that detects dust in your home. There are 3 fan speeds to choose from as well as an Auto mode and a Pollen mode for heavy duty allergen removal. You can also choose to run the air purifier independently of humidifier, but not vice-versa. Other features for the humidifier include a water supply indicator and humidity indicator.

Sharp definitely didn’t hold back when they created the KC-860U and ensured that it had as many features as possible so that you get every bang for your buck.


The KC-860U has plain white panel with the front monitor that reflects the dust indicator. Up top, we have the main unit display and air outlet. Overall, KC-860U has a pretty plain design despite being a powerful unit. However, this makes it easy to position anywhere in your home without bringing too much to itself.

One thing to take note, however, is that this unit is quite heavy, weighing in at almost 25 pounds. If you’re planning to move this around, make sure you get some extra help.

Warranty and Support

The KC-860U is backed only by a 1-year warranty which is odd considering the upfront price you’re paying for. Often, a short warranty gives you an inkling of how durable a product is. However, most users report that this model has served them well beyond the warranty period. The 1 year warranty covers repairs and replacements. It’s best to review the warranty statement included with the product before use.

Final Thoughts

Air pollution and humidity are two factors that play a huge role in creating a comfortable home environment. Often, two products are needed to address them: an air purifier and a humidifier. However, with the KC-860U, you not only get an air purifier but a humidifier as well.

Boasting a bevy of different smart features, the KC-860U gives you a convenient user experience like no other. On top of that, you get a comprehensive air purification system that can tackle an array of different household air pollutants that may be present in your home. If you’re a homeowner that puts a premium on clean, healthy air, then the KC-860U is definitely worth the investment.

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