AllerAir 5000 Exec HEPA Review

AllerAir 5000 Exec HEPA Ratings

DESIGN - 84%



We like this unit because it comes with a HEPA filter. However, it could have used a silent operation.

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Creating a safer environment for you and your family is the best choice you can make if you want to prevent all types of health problems. Moreover, asthma and uncomfortable allergies can be developed due to the high level of contaminants that exist in the air that you and your loved ones breathe. So, using a special device that can help you get rid of all these inconveniences represents a great method of solving this issue. We recommend you the AllerAir 5000 Exec HEPA that is a professional air purifier that can provide you the best living standards and comfort.


In order to eliminate all the bacteria and allergens from the air, you must opt for a powerful air purifier. It can cover up to 1,500 square feet, which means that it can purify the air from your entire home. Furthermore, it delivers a high performance as it can eliminate some of the smallest particles and irritants. A reliable product must integrate features that can allow you to customize its settings as you wish. There are certain air purifiers that incorporate a special technology which can detect any alteration in the air, so depending on the level of contaminants it can perform at different speeds. When the air is clean, usually air purifiers shut down.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs 5000 Exec HEPA
Dimensions 20.5” x 15” x 15”
Weight 50 Lbs
Area Coverage 1500 Square Feet
Noise Level N/A
Power 95W, 120V, 60Hz
Fan Speeds
Filter Type HEPA
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel Knob
Timer Function No
Warranty 10 Years


This air purifier was built to eliminate chemicals, allergens, odors and noxious gasses, and it comes with a nice aspect that allows you to integrate it with your home’s design easily. It comes in different colors, so you can select the color that suits best your house. The cylindrical shape maximizes the air flow, and it allows it to be easily moved from one room to another. In conclusion, the AllerAir 5000 Exec HEPA is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities and continuous allergies, because it can clean the air very fast in order to provide them the highest level of comfort. Therefore, you must think about it as a way to improve your lifestyle.

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Other Features

It includes three speeds, so, depending on your needs, you can choose the desired performance level. However, you might not be satisfied with the fact that this air purifier does not feature a silent operation. Moreover, it performs at about 35-65 dB, which might represent a problem for some of the users. Still, the HEPA filter that it incorporates makes it a great product, especially since it can increase the quality of any indoor air.
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Recommended for spaces of up to 1500 square feet
Can tackle even small particles and pollutants
Pre-filter ensures the elimination of unwanted odors
HEPA filter makes it effective at removing pollutants of all sizes
Offers 3 different speeds to choose between


Operation can be quite loud  

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Final Thoughts

Although the AllerAir 5000 Exec HEPA air purifier is not one of the best options to go with as there are many other models on the market that deliver a better performance, it is still worth taking into consideration due to the fact that it comes with some interesting features and performance aspects. Definitely, the most notable thing about it is the fact that it can handle purifying the air in spaces of up to 1500 square feet, which is a lot more than what other air purifiers can handle. Obviously, we cannot overlook the fact that it features HEPA filtration, meaning that it excels at removing the harmful particles that lurk in the air in order to ensure that your health won’t be in peril when you will be in the same room with it. All in all, it is a decent choice to go with, performing well enough to ensure your health and well-being.

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