Whirlpool Whispure WP1000 Review

Common household air pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, dust, smoke, and other odors contribute to the degradation of indoor air quality. Luckily, air purifiers are able to remove these pollutants with ease using a variety of air purification techniques.

Of the many reliable brands in the market today, a notable one is Whirlpool. Whirlpool is known for manufacturing various home appliances including water softeners, water purifiers, and air purifiers. One of their older air purifier models, the AP51030K (now WP500), has received an upgrade in the guise of the WP1000. Find out more about this new model below!


  • Large coverage area
  • Quiet operation
  • High CADR ratings
  • Longer HEPA filter life
  • Long warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers


  • Expensive
  • Short carbon pre-filter life
  • Lack of dedicated carbon filter
  • Not much different from the older version

Product Overview

The Whirlpool Whispure WP1000 is the new, upgraded version of the AP51030K. The WP1000 is also rated to cover 490 sq. ft. and purifies the air using a charcoal pre-filter and a True HEPA filter.

Oddly enough, the WP1000 is more or less the same price as its older counterpart which is still on the expensive side. Another problem with this unit is that its carbon pre-filter will need to be replaced as often as every quarter, adding up to higher annual costs. Furthermore, because it is not a dedicated carbon filter, it won’t be as good at removing odors and VOCs.

Overall, a closer look at the specifications will reveal that this newer model isn’t actually that much different from the older one. The features and specifications are more or less the same, with the WP1000’s True HEPA filter lasting longer at 12 months. It does, however, look much more modern than the AP51030K.

Specifications Sheet

Specs Whirlpool Whispure WP1000
Dimensions 20.5 x 10 x 24.13 inches
Weight 20.4 lbs
Area Coverage 490 sq. ft.
CADR Rating for Smoke 315
CADR Rating for Pollen 344
CADR Rating for Dust 343
Fan Speeds 4
Noise Level 43-44 dB
Filter Type True HEPA filter
Odor Reducing Filter Charcoal pre-filter
Control Panel Touch buttons
Timer Function No
Warranty 5 Years

Features and Benefits

  • 4 Fan Speeds – The WP1000 allows you to choose among 4 fan speeds: low, medium, high, and turbo. You can choose among these fan speeds depending on your air purification needs. For more heavy duty air purification, the turbo speed cleans the air the fastest but note that it is also loudest on this setting.
  • Control Lock Feature – This feature allows you to lock in your preferred settings so that you don’t have to set up the device again whenever you turn it on or if there’s a power interruption.
  • Child Lock Feature – The WP1000 incorporates a locking feature for child safety.
  • Sleep Mode – On sleep mode, the WP1000 runs on the lowest setting for 8 hours to ensure continued air purification as you sleep. After the 8 hours is up, it automatically resets to the previous settings.
  • Filter check indicators – One interesting feature of Whirlpool air purifiers is their filter check indicators. The WP1000 has two: one for the charcoal pre-filter and one for the HEPA filter. What makes it interesting is that it allows you to monitor the status of your filters at all stages, from “NEW” to “REPLACE”.
  • Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers – When used in the recommended room size (490 sq. ft.), the WP1000 is able to cycle the air more than 4 times in an hour. This means it is able to thoroughly scrub the air clean of any allergens or asthma triggers.


Because it’s so similar to the AP51030K, the WP1000 performs pretty much the same way. This is a good thing, too, because the AP51030K is very well-known for its durability and effectiveness. In essence, all that’s changed with the WP1000 is the its exterior design.

Still rated to cover 490 sq. ft., the WP1000 is able to cycle the air up to 4 times in an hour which is the minimum requirement for an air purifier to be considered effective against allergies and asthma. It does this with the help of its charcoal pre-filter which is capable of removing light odors and a True HEPA filter which removes pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mold, and other allergens. The efficiency of the WP1000 is proven by its high CADR ratings: 315, 344, and 343 for smoke, pollen, and dust respectively.


As previously mentioned, one of the noticeable upgrades of the WP1000 is its exterior design. Compared to the older AP51030K, the WP1000 has a more modern look with its new front grill and control panel design. The back and the sides of the unit remain the same. If the design of the older version bothered you but you liked how it performed, then the WP1000 will be a breath of fresh air. Literally!

Warranty and Support

As with other Whirlpool air purifiers, repairs and replacements are free of charge within the first year, as long as the unit was not misused or mishandled in any way. From the second through fifth years, only the air purifier motors will still be covered by the warranty. However, the manufacturer will not shoulder costs on unauthorized replacements, and damage resulting from improper packing.

Final Thoughts

The AP51030K is a great air purifier and this new iteration of it is just as great! The WP1000, with its new look, is perfect for both home and office applications just so long as you use it within the recommended room size. It’ll help you curb both allergy and asthma symptoms while keeping your home odor-free. This is definitely one investment you should be willing to make!

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