Winix FresHome Model P450 Review

Winix FresHome Model P450 Ratings

DESIGN - 81%



This unit is ideal for home use, being able to purify the air in multiple rooms.

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The Winix FresHome series use the latest air cleaning technologies to capture all the invisible particles in the air, including pet dander, dust, mold spores, odors, pollen, smoke and other organic chemicals. The established Korea-based air purifier manufacturer actually rebranded and sold the Kenmore 85450 as FresHome, but we prefer the air purifier under the name Winix for its reasonable price and better support. The Winix FresHome Model P450 is the largest and strongest in the series, equipped with an auto mode and true HEPA filtration.


The quiet operation, attractive design, and large room coverage make the Winix FresHome P450 a popular choice for family use. It effectively removes a broad range of airborne pollutants, keeping your allergies under control. Its virtually silent operation makes it perfect for use in a master bedroom, office or family room. It also has enough horsepower to handle multiple smaller rooms. Although it is a great air purifier in the fight against large pollutants, allergens, and dust, but if you have sensitive lungs or breathing problems like asthma it may not be the best choice. Because there is no option to turn off the ionizer, some people might not respond well to this model.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs FresHome Model P450
Dimensions 25.6” x 18.9” x 11.8”
Weight 18.7 Lbs
Area Coverage 450 Square Feet
Noise Level 27 – 60 dB
Power 11-110W, 120V, 60Hz, 1.4A
CADR Rating for Smoke 291
CADR Rating for Pollen 343
CADR Rating for Dust 298
Fan Speeds 4
Filter Type True HEPA
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel Electronic
Timer Function No
Warranty 1 Year

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This air purifier has a sleek, stylish design that complements any furniture. The Winix P450 is one of the latest models from this new brand. With the case measures 18.9″ wide x 25.6″ high x 11.8″ deep and 18.7 lbs weight, it might be a bit large for those who live in a smaller home. If you are not space contained, it is one of the best high-power models designed for moderate-to-large-space covering. One of the disadvantages of this design is the location of the air intake on the side of the case. Placed in larger room this is a great feature, but if you have to place it near a wall the ease of air flow can be hindered and its efficiency reduced.

Other Features

The Winix FresHome Model P450 is the most powerful air cleaner in the series, being able to filter air in multiple rooms. Its 99.97% efficient True-HEPA Filter captures odors, lint, hair and other large particles, as well as small particles such as smoke, pollen, dander and mold spores. A PlasmaWave Technology safely breaks these particles apart to a molecular level, offering superior all-around cleaning. However, the PlasmaWave is the latest stage of the filtration system. Because the filter uses a unique ionizer, a small quantity of ozone is released, although the levels are safe. It has a set of sensors to monitor the light condition in the room and the air passing through it, but it also allows users to set it manually. When you dim the lights in the room, the fan goes into a quiet mode so the noise won’t disturb you while sleeping. Other features include 4 fan speeds, a remote control, sleep mode, Energy Star rating, electronic controls, CARB/FCC and AHAM certification.

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Features a highly effective True HEPA filter
Very silent operation
Can be used even in large rooms
PlasmaWave technology removes unpleasant odors, allergens, and chemicals
Carbon pre-filter absorbs unwanted odors
Remote control for a convenient operation
Energy Star certified for low energy consumption


Ionizer cannot be turned off
Not the best option for removing small particles  

Final Thoughts

Winix is one of the most renowned brands on the air purifier market, delivering high-end products that have passed the test of time. One of the best air purifiers that this manufacturer has delivered is, without a doubt, the amazing Winix FresHome Model P450 that we have talked about in this review. Not only does this model boast a great design, being easy and convenient to use, but it is highly effective when it comes to removing harmful airborne particles as well, ensuring that the air you breathe is of a great quality. This is good news especially for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, ensuring that they will stay in a safe environment that won’t harm their health in any way. Besides the great design and the magnificent performance, this air purifier comes at a decent price as well, a price that makes it an approachable option for those who do not have a huge budget to work with.

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