Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Review

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Ratings

DESIGN - 76%



You will be satisfied with the performance of this model, with how silent it is and how easily it can handle even the dirtiest of airs. The short warranty is a manufacturer's drawback, but it doesn't take from the efficiency of this air purifier.

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If you want a complex air purifying system that combines various technologies in order to deliver maximum efficiency, then the PlasmaWave 5300 is what you need. Medium-size rooms will have clean and healthy air with this powerful air purifier that uses 3 smart technologies to capture a wide range of harmful air pollutants. Take advantage of the discounts available and get one of your own for only $119 so you can enjoy affordable quality.

Technical specifications

Besides the quality and the value for money of the Winix PlasmaWave 5300, you will certainly appreciate the 3-stage system that makes it an innovation in the field. The first stage is a carbon prefilter that eliminates common household odors, the second stage is the true HEPA filter that does a great job in fighting a wide range of pollutants, and the third stage is the patented PlasmaWave technology that can capture viruses and bacteria in the air. The clean air delivery rate of the unit is 248 for dust, 253 for smoke, and 251 for pollen, which is more than satisfying considering its size and price range. The number of times it can change the air in a room is 5, and these ratings make it suitable for rooms up to 350 sq ft in size. Although it is an air purifier with a high performance, the energy consumption remains low and it will allow you to save money on every energy bill.

When buying a home appliance, you must analyze its noise output, otherwise, you will have a hard time dealing with it at night or while you sleep. Luckily, it has a low noise level that makes it suitable for bedrooms as for living rooms, so you can use it in any room of the house. It features 4 fan speeds, including Sleep and Turbo modes, so you can adjust the operating according to your needs and the quality of the air. The Sleep mode is the most silent speed that makes the air purifier nearly inaudible while the Turbo speed offers you more air absorption power.

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Specifications Sheet

Specs PlasmaWave 5300
Dimensions 24” x 19” x 10”
Weight 15.7 Lbs
Area Coverage 350 Square Feet
Noise Level 26.6 – 60 dB
Power 5 – 90W
CADR Rating for Smoke 253
CADR Rating for Pollen 251
CADR Rating for Dust 248
Fan Speeds 4
Filter Type True HEPA, PlasmaWave Technology
Odor Reducing Filter Yes
Control Panel LED Display
Timer Function No
Warranty 1 Year

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Its operating of is based on 3 stages that work together to eliminate most of the impurities found in the indoor air. During the first stage, a pre-filter containing activated charcoal captures large particles like dust and hair, as well as household odors like smoke, food, cleaning products vapors or pet odor. This pre-filter makes sure to retain larger particles before they get to the second stage, which is an HEPA filter that can retain small particles down to 0.3 microns in size. The third stage includes an ionizer that attracts particles like viruses, bacteria, chemical vapors, odors, and harmful gasses. The main concern about ionizers is that they produce ozone, which can be harmful in case it is inhaled, but with it, there is no danger of inhaling ozone as the ionized particles are quickly broken apart so you won’t have time to inhale them.


Not the smallest air purifier you could choose, this model will do its job without getting in your way. Although it measures 24 inches in height and 19 in width, it is only 10 inches deep so you can easily fit it in one side of the room and in case you want to move it, you can grab and lift it as it only weighs 15.7 pounds. It features a stylish stainless steel design, with a grid on the front and a convenient control panel with readable controls that make it very user-friendly.

Other Features

Besides the other excellent features that make it a reliable air purifier, it includes a built-in air quality sensor that analyzes how many contaminants are in the air and adjusts the fan speed according to the level of pollution. The best way to take advantage of this feature is by using it on the Auto Mode so it will automatically speed up or slow down based on the environmental conditions. This way, you can leave it unsupervised without worrying it won’t handle yield in cleaning the air.

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One thing you won’t like about the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 is the short warranty that only covers it for 1 year, which can limit your trust regarding the durability of this product. Your worries are groundless because this air purifier will last much longer than that and will provide you with high efficiency. Moreover, for any concern you might have regarding its functioning, the manufacturer offers customer support via phone and email. You can also find spare parts and accessories for purchase on the official website, as well as the possibility to extend the warranty for an additional cost.


Efficient 3-stage filtration system
HEPA filter removes even small airborne particles
Suitable for spaces of up to 350 square feet
Low energy consumption
High CADR rating
PlasmaWave technology traps viruses, germs, and bacteria
Pre-filter removes unpleasant odors


Ionizer feature might present a danger for asthmatics
Warranty is only 1 year long  

Final Thoughts

This advanced air purifier is both a delightful addition to any space where you intend to place it due to its design and a highly effective air purification unit as well. Not only does it feature 3 filtration stages that are composed of a carbon pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and the innovative PlasmaWave technology, all of these filtration stages adding up to a great overall performance, but it consumes little energy when operating as well, a fact shown by the Energy Star qualification that the air purifier comes with. The broad range of pollutants that it removes from the air make it an ideal candidate for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies, this being the reason why we strongly recommend it as well. All in all, it is an option that you should not overlook as it might deliver results beyond your expectations.

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