Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet

What we like about this model is that it uses the best filtering technologies in order to deliver extremely healthy and clean indoor air. On the downside, we are not pleased with the warranty that the product comes with as there are other models backed up by their manufacturers for longer periods of time.

Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet Ratings

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What we like about this model is that it uses the best filtering technologies in order to deliver extremely healthy and clean indoor air. On the downside, we are not pleased with the warranty that the product comes with as there are other models backed up by their manufacturers for longer periods of time.

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Maintaining clean and healthy air indoors can be a challenge that is made even more difficult when our furry friends are around. Aside from the usual contaminants like dust, pollen, and smoke, pet parents have to deal with pet dander, odors, and hairs.

Winix is a popular brand that makes many air purifier varieties, and the Ultimate Pet WAC9500 is a model that’s designed specifically to help pet owners with their unique concerns. If you’re looking to buy said model, read on to get our full review.


  • Tackles virtually all kinds of pollutants
  • Includes a remote control
  • With an auto mode and a sleep mode
  • Has an 8-hour timer
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Washable carbon filter and pre-filter
  • With a filter replacement, dust level, and odor level indicators
  • Auto-dim feature for nighttime use


  • Short warranty
  • Costly replacement filter

Technical Specifications

The WAC9500 purifies air inside rooms that are up to 284 sq. ft. in area. It uses a True HEPA filter, an AOC (Advanced Odor Control) carbon filter, a pre-filter, and Winix’s signature PlasmaWave technology that produces ions. The HEPA filter has been treated with CleanCel antibacterial coating, which helps trap germs and inhibit their growth.

With CADR ratings of 182 for dust, 194 for pollen, and 183 for smoke, it’s a promising air purifier for small- to medium-sized rooms that are inhabited by animals. The pre-filter and AOC carbon filter are both washable, which lets you enjoy a longer filter lifespan on the device.

The highest speed option offered by this unit (Turbo mode) requires only 70 watts, which makes this model energy-efficient. Of course, you’ll be consuming less energy if you frequently use slower speed settings. With that said, it’s a great option if you’re wary about your power bills.

Lastly, this air purifier also boasts an 8-hour timer and a comforting noise rating of just 26 dB on Sleep Mode.

Specifications Sheet

Specs WAC 9500
Dimensions 16.5” x 9.9” x 21.9”
Weight 18.8 lbs
Area Coverage 284 sq ft
Noise Level 26 dB
Power Consumption 70 watts
Fan Speeds 3
Filter Type True HEPA filter, AOC carbon filter, pre-filter, PlasmaWave technology
Odor Reducing Filter AOC Carbon Filter
Control Style Electronic buttons, DIgital LED display
Timer Function Yes
Warranty 1 Year


The WAC9500 boasts a complete lineup of filters and technology so it can tackle all airborne pollutants that are common inside a household. The pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and PlasmaWave ionizer fight dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and other particle pollutants. The AOC carbon filter neutralizes odors, smoke, and VOCs. Lastly, bacteria and viruses are handled via the CleanCell coating and ionizing PlasmaWave technology.

The fact that both the carbon filter and the pre-filter are washable is always a plus, since it helps lengthen the timespan between filter replacements. Again, its CADR values are great for the coverage area that this model is specified for, so make sure that your space is a good fit for this device to maximize results.


Aside from its cleaning and purifying capacities, this pet air purifier also boasts a couple of convenient features. It has an auto mode uses findings gathered by the integrated particle and VOC/odor sensors to automatically adjust fan speed according to how much purification is needed at any particular time.

It also has a filter replacement indicator that notifies you when the filters need to be changed as well as an LED digital display control panel, which makes the device easy to monitor. If this isn’t enough for you, a remote control takes the convenience factor up a notch. There’s also a sleep mode built in if you’re planning to use this air purifier inside your bedroom. This mode dims the indicator lights and brings down the noise output to an impressive 26 dB, so you won’t have to worry about intrusive sound levels.


The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet air purifier takes form in a silver rectangular body. Its digital LED panel, electronic buttons, and metallic finish give it a modern look. At 18.8lbs, however, it might be difficult to lug around if you’re planning to transfer it between rooms frequently.

Again, its control panel is mighty helpful as it clearly displays the air purifier’s current settings. There’s a bunch of indicators that show the current dust and VOC/odor levels inside your room. A dedicated slot for the remote control is also present, where you can place the remote control when it’s not in use to minimize misplacements.

Warranty and Support

Unfortunately, the Winix WAC9500 only comes with only a 1-year warranty. We consider at least a 2-year warranty as the standard, and many of the most competitive models have a 5-year guarantee. With that said, if you have concerns about this pet air purifier, Winix has several customer channels that you use as a resource if issues arise.

Final Thoughts

The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet air purifier is definitely one of the most promising air purifiers out there for pet owners. It leaves not a single stone unturned as far as purifying tech is concerned, seeing that it tackles everything from particle pollutants to germs and odors. Its replacement filters might be expensive, but they last long since the carbon and pre-filter layers are washable. Short warranty aside, you don’t have to be a pet parent to appreciate the performance and convenience that this feature-laden air purifier offers.

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